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  1. Another Japanese speaker here. I also want to vote for the use of 'mokuhyō' (目標) rather than 'mokuteki'. The former sounds much better.
  2. I've loved this piece ever since it was a WIP, but I have a confession to make: when I listen to it, I skip ahead to about 4:00 so that I can enjoy the truly excellent second half. The reworking of Blue Fields at around 6:10 is just amazing. "Deception" indeed -- a decent-enough piece in the beginning hides a truly perfect piece after!
  3. This is one of my absolute favorite remixes and I listen to it quite often. "Bombing Mission" really lends itself well to remixing, and this and "REAKTR.1" (I'm forgetting the arranger) are vastly superior to the orchestral remixes that are also often made for this piece in the professional concerts. BGC, please do more like this! (Though I have a confession to make... I like this piece for the music, not for its fidelity to the FF7 opening. So I find myself skipping through the first 1'20" or so, because while it's part of the game, it's not the most exciting part of the music compared to what follows!)
  4. Is it just me or are parts of this straight out of Super Metroid? Parts of it (2:00~) sound like the music from Ridley's hideout. I like this mix, and I loved that music, and I had to check to see if this was really a FF7 mix and not Super Metroid whlie listening to it!
  5. Jago, I just wanted to give you a shout as this is a great mix, yet there are no comments. Always liked the music in Rygar -- in your mix, the bit about 1/3 of the way through (playing with Quicktime, which has no clock!), which I want to say comes from one of the forest areas before you fight some kind of spider, is particularly pleasant to listen to. Will you be updating it or is this the final version?
  6. This was fantastic! I'm a huge Tetris Attack/Panel de Pon fan (barely edged out the beloved darling in a best-of-9 brudge match yesterday) and when I saw that this was a remix of the final boss stage, I couldn't imagine how anyone could get anything out of the original music, which is very mediocre compared to the rest of the tunes in this game. But wow -- this really does have that ancient-China vibe going. Love it. Now how about remixing the Phoenix (Magikoopa? First boss) and Selene (can't remember the TA name; lunar background) music? Those are great!
  7. Fun! I like the Thamasa part at the end; you almost don't see it coming until it's already underway. And do I detect FF1's "Temple of Fiends" stashed away in there somewhere? DB ---------- NES baseball hacking: www.geocities.com/heiankyo794/hacks.html Kin Stanley Robinson fandom: www.geocities.com/heiankyo794/tyoras-guide.html
  8. Hey Zwitra, this is fantastic! Did you ever release this somewhere before? I know I've heard it before, and there aren't too many Soukaigi remixes around. This is one of my favorite obscure games. This piece, the second stage in Takachiho (2nd stage; track 5), the jazzy piano music in Okinoshima (3rd stage)... the whole soundtrack is excellent except for that abomination that plays in the first stage! ^^; (I once had the chance to ask Mr. Kikuta what language that song was in person; it's Malay.) Also always liked the music at the little shrine in Nara. #9 on the CD. Under-rated greatness; tried ot remix this myself and couldn't. Somebody remix those! This is inspring me to get back to work on my Soukaigi FAQ/Walkthrough. Gotta play this game again! DB
  9. This is a beautiful, beautiful remix and I must have played it a dozen times already. This is the way the game should have remixed it (not that the original remix, used when you're running out of jail, isn't good). More of this high-energy, intense-yet-orchestral stuff, please! (And Smackahoe Tribe, where is that screenshot with the girl lying on the bed from? It looks familiar.)
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