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  1. no paulstretch used on this one, but I do use that for layering in textures in some other works. elements were isolated into individual channels, several layers of slowly evolving fx chains on each, and tempos stretched into varying speeds to change the melody phrasing with the key changes in the arppegiating synth. It sounds more like this with something like Paulstretch or other standard timestretch. I don't drastically change much of the original in most cases, just trying to make things more atmospheric but still nostalgic. So technically you could call it more of an edit or sound upgrade if you want, I could care less what it's labeled as, as long as I like how it sounds.
  2. I disagree, but thanks for listening anyway. Taking more inspiration from atmospheric drone and meditative ambient here, it takes patience and I know it's not for everyone. Track length is also not a concern of mine, this one unravels and changes at a snails pace intentionally. curious what you consider "personality" though.
  3. I know this one's been done A LOT, but I still wanted to take it into new depths. enjoy
  4. https://soundcloud.com/bitlegs/target-earth-in-the-cave-bitlegs-sensory-assault-suit gettin all crazy on ganymede
  5. fresh piece of bitleg https://soundcloud.com/bitlegs/wanderers-from-ys-iii-redmont-bitlegs-multiport-conversion-prototype
  6. dope remix. nice blend of mellow melodies and frantic drum programming man!
  7. https://soundcloud.com/bitlegs/alien-3-nes-mission-1-bitlegs-facehugger-funk In an insane world, a sane man must appear insane
  8. thanks, glad you like I'll be compiling it with a few other things in a new free release on my bandcamp page eventually. https://bitlegs.bandcamp.com/
  9. https://soundcloud.com/bitlegs/drakkhen-night-music-bitlegs-big-cat-head-blend the constellations are moving
  10. https://soundcloud.com/bitlegs/shovel-knight-the-starlit-wilds-bitlegs-phase-locket-blurrymix maybe you'll DIG this...
  11. dang, missed the broadcast. is there a recorded archive posted anywhere?
  12. You can doubt my credibility all you want, and this isn't really the space to rattle off my accomplishments, and it wouldn't really back up my claims anyway. Just because I disagree with some of what he's saying doesn't mean he's completely wrong or anything. I'm just sharing what has worked for me personally when dealing with discouragement, and how that particular mindset doesn't really fit in my view of artistic productivity. I guess when I'm in my creative space, I'm trying not think so much about real life. I'm reacting to my instruments, sequencers, whatever, just making music. not some genre of music, not "intelligent" decisions, or cultural conditioning, or how many plays on soundcloud I'll get, any of that noise. Just MUSIC. That's creative freedom for me. Call that naive if you want, but I'm having fun in my studio without a bunch of other crap getting in the way. Pure focus. It's not easy to achieve but when it does, the music writes itself. Now this I can get behind: Totally agree there. And I would add that you might also realize that there is an infinite amount of sound in this world, and you can find beauty in the most obscure frequencies. 8 bit sunset I'm out!
  13. Sorry, personally I still can't agree with that. This seems like you'd be oppressing your own potential. Those levels are all in your head. In the end, you'll always just have YOUR level, which is some combination of your natural talent and your determination. But to each their own of course. If that what drives you to improve, don't let me stop you Now I haven't been around this forum for long, but it seems like there's this inherent culture revolving a lot around meeting certain standards and winning competitions. These can be fun and productive exercises, but I think some of you also might find it liberating to approach music making without worrying that x is better than y. Just something to consider for anyone feeling discouraged!
  14. Here's a download link for my Shrine remix if needed! https://bitlegs.bandcamp.com/track/shining-force-ii-shrine-bitlegs-vision-questing
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