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  1. Sure I have heard it over 3 dozen times, but I thought I would say it anyway... po! you can have my #4 baby! 11/10! I may be no music aficiando by any means but something this tasteful and snazzy deserves much greater praise and imitation! Thanks again!
  2. This song made my evening! I have listened to it at least 8 times by now and I am still digging it. I guess since we had a record hot day today 72 degrees in NC in January and I have my windows open in the dead of winter it just feels so good especially with the breeze flowing in... I really dig the synth and it stays good the whole song through...
  3. very smooth....and the violin playing in the background was great sounding and really carries the piece...at 2:14 when the synth comes back in it feels very good...I am going to leave this in my playlist for a long time along with Malcos' Super Hang-On track.
  4. Not one to be able comment professionally on the loops and theory behind this I do say that it sounds all the better after multiple listenings. It grows on you and that is the kinda music that is so fun.
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