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  1. It really isn't worth it if you want to play the actual Monkey Ball game single-player. The sensitivity of the Wii Controller is so high it is near impossible to play and have fun. I recommend Super Monkey Ball 2 if you want to play the single-player game if you can still find it in your local store. On the other hand the multi-player is the best I have found this side of Wario Ware.
  2. I really like the final scene of the episode when one of the Catholics said about Saint Peter's heir on the throne, "He doesn't have anything to say... maybe that's what Jesus meant all along."
  3. I don't know if you guys consider the SEGA Genesis' Gain Ground to be a crap game nowadays (it is on the Virtual Console for download) but the cooperative multiplayer is Gauntlet meets Ogre Battle. Try getting to level 4 and lasting long... it gets pretty tough!
  4. Woot! I can't wait for some loud arena rock '80s sound!
  5. Is there a way you can bypass the region and download games that are available to Europe or Japan?
  6. Would there be any way to port this to the XBOX like Beats of Rage? I really would like to play with a gamepad.
  7. My resolution is to read between 15-20 great novels of the English language from 1750-Present between now and 2008... I figure it will make me at least be able to make more obscure dinner party references...
  8. I cannot say for certain that your method works 100% but another forum-goer has attempted this and it worked. Supposedly, you can re-download games you delete if you ever do. I enjoyed Gunstar Heroes. Altered Beast is crap. Not much to say on the rest though. I recommend Gunstar Heroes as it has amazing single and multi-player action. After that get Super Castlevania IV or Toe Jam & Earl.
  9. In many gamers' eyes, Zelda Link's Awakening is still the standard. On a lighter note: Does anyone know if the Virtual Console controller will be playable on certain Wii titles? I would hate to spend $20 a piece on these beauties only to not be able to use them on Smash Bros. Brawl. EDIT: The controllers do work on certain games such as SSB:B and DBZ:Tenkaichi 2
  10. And... Tentacle Santa to come and give all the good little girls a special surprise!
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