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  1. I'm simply floored by this one. Not only is it great seeing a remix for The Landing, but you gave it new life. I can't wait to see what else you come up with!
  2. Servants of the Mountain is one of my favorite songs ever so I was thrilled to hear such a unique and beautiful take on it. You kept the original feeling while adding a new one of your own. I can't wait to hear what you make in the future.
  3. Really lovely track. I already love it but it makes me even happier to hear these wonderful lyrics put to a Star Ocean song. Great job with everything!
  4. Absolutely amazing. it just gets better as it progresses. The blending of the two songs is done so well!
  5. the original Spyro games have some of my favorite video game soundtracks. I'm so glad you finally brought a Spyro remix to us. It sounds great! I haven't stopped bobbing my head to it.
  6. loved it from beginning to end. it was a GENIUS idea to combine these sounds together.
  7. I'm having the same problem where the mp3 cuts off short. is there any other way to download this? it's such a lovely song and I'd love to have the whole version!
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