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  1. It's been so long, but didn't I send you a .wav of my file years ago? I can probably send it again if need be...
  2. It's pretty rough around the edges, and I probably used more compression on it than I should have for the style, but since this was three years ago and I've improved a bit since then, it's forgivable. http://ryan8bit.com/music/Ryan8bit_-_Kill_Bill(Super_Dodge_Ball).mp3 I'm sure you'll have bias towards your own version too.
  3. Seriously though, in THREE years, you'd think that for each person they'd be able to make ONE song. My song has been done for almost three years, so what took so long? The same thing happens with just about every "project" on OCR or otherwise. I've done this, the Dragon Warrior one, the Follin one, and a couple others off of this site that have just gone nowhere. I applaud Mustin and folks for getting something completed, even though I may still be biased towards my own bean ball track.
  4. And those guys are more metroid metal than shizz... whooooooaaaaa. I guess I'm too late to get in on this, but that lineup looks damn sexy.
  5. Probably because the focus has always been here. What more could be added elsewhere other than a link to the project? Wait, what? Why do you keep reading too much into what little I've said? I personally don't care who it's affiliated with as long as it's good music. All I was ever curious about was why it wouldn't be promoted and you elaborated.
  6. Mmm, no, that's not what I was getting at. It seemed the project was meant to be all inclusive community-wise, so it seemed strange that it wouldn't be promoted to its fullest by all sites involved.
  7. Isn't this also being kind of mutually exclusive? Why not just promote it regardless of any affiliation?
  8. I was thinking of something like "Kill Bill", but I'll probably have to ponder that more as I attempt re-mixing it.
  9. Walan, I was possibly thinking of keeping mine as my final. I tried re-mixing it and adding piano and stuff, but it didn't work at all. Maybe I'll try tweaking it some more, but it might have to be my final.
  10. Just wondering, did you get mine through e-mail?
  11. I couldn't resist posting as well when he referred to my collab with Carbunk1e, even though I wasn't really involved much with the project as a whole. Carby just said to me "DOOOOOOOOOOOM!" And I was like "DOOOOOOOOOM?" And he was like "DOOOOOOOOOOM." And then there came my contribution.
  12. Or perhaps your opinion is just different than theirs. There's a difference. Music taste is not factual or set in stone. It's all very very subjective.
  13. This song was made to the best of my ability. I did try improving it, but found any changes I made insignificant. I wouldn't have submitted it here if I thought I could marginally improve it (hence why all my releases are on vgmix). I personally think the flaws are minimal and that the emotion and general arrangement far outweigh any errors/inability on that side. And judging something solely on a technical basis without acknowledging the other elements seems a bit off to me. Yes, technical know how is a must, and I think I can say that this is higher on a production scale than most live performance work. But production is not the end-all be-all of a song. I'd rather hear something with a great arrangement regardless of the production over something very polished but uninspired.
  14. And some things like that were said by the judges. What it seemed to come down to was whether or not production was more important than heart. I was never really trying to be a guitar virtuoso or to make it a spotless, flawless playing. Any of the delays in timing are mostly due to human emotion of playing. You don't typically get that with technical sequencing. I was looking for more of the natural live performance feel. But thanks for the comments, everyone.
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