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  1. It's been so long, but didn't I send you a .wav of my file years ago? I can probably send it again if need be...
  2. It's pretty rough around the edges, and I probably used more compression on it than I should have for the style, but since this was three years ago and I've improved a bit since then, it's forgivable. http://ryan8bit.com/music/Ryan8bit_-_Kill_Bill(Super_Dodge_Ball).mp3 I'm sure you'll have bias towards your own version too.
  3. Seriously though, in THREE years, you'd think that for each person they'd be able to make ONE song. My song has been done for almost three years, so what took so long? The same thing happens with just about every "project" on OCR or otherwise. I've done this, the Dragon Warrior one, the Follin one, and a couple others off of this site that have just gone nowhere. I applaud Mustin and folks for getting something completed, even though I may still be biased towards my own bean ball track.
  4. And those guys are more metroid metal than shizz... whooooooaaaaa. I guess I'm too late to get in on this, but that lineup looks damn sexy.
  5. Probably because the focus has always been here. What more could be added elsewhere other than a link to the project? Wait, what? Why do you keep reading too much into what little I've said? I personally don't care who it's affiliated with as long as it's good music. All I was ever curious about was why it wouldn't be promoted and you elaborated.
  6. Mmm, no, that's not what I was getting at. It seemed the project was meant to be all inclusive community-wise, so it seemed strange that it wouldn't be promoted to its fullest by all sites involved.
  7. Isn't this also being kind of mutually exclusive? Why not just promote it regardless of any affiliation?
  8. I was thinking of something like "Kill Bill", but I'll probably have to ponder that more as I attempt re-mixing it.
  9. Walan, I was possibly thinking of keeping mine as my final. I tried re-mixing it and adding piano and stuff, but it didn't work at all. Maybe I'll try tweaking it some more, but it might have to be my final.
  10. Just wondering, did you get mine through e-mail?
  11. I couldn't resist posting as well when he referred to my collab with Carbunk1e, even though I wasn't really involved much with the project as a whole. Carby just said to me "DOOOOOOOOOOOM!" And I was like "DOOOOOOOOOM?" And he was like "DOOOOOOOOOOM." And then there came my contribution.
  12. Or perhaps your opinion is just different than theirs. There's a difference. Music taste is not factual or set in stone. It's all very very subjective.
  13. This song was made to the best of my ability. I did try improving it, but found any changes I made insignificant. I wouldn't have submitted it here if I thought I could marginally improve it (hence why all my releases are on vgmix). I personally think the flaws are minimal and that the emotion and general arrangement far outweigh any errors/inability on that side. And judging something solely on a technical basis without acknowledging the other elements seems a bit off to me. Yes, technical know how is a must, and I think I can say that this is higher on a production scale than most live performance work. But production is not the end-all be-all of a song. I'd rather hear something with a great arrangement regardless of the production over something very polished but uninspired.
  14. And some things like that were said by the judges. What it seemed to come down to was whether or not production was more important than heart. I was never really trying to be a guitar virtuoso or to make it a spotless, flawless playing. Any of the delays in timing are mostly due to human emotion of playing. You don't typically get that with technical sequencing. I was looking for more of the natural live performance feel. But thanks for the comments, everyone.
  15. Ah, thanks. I did figure it out a couple hours after I posted (and after a few hours trying already), but thanks anyways.
  16. I have a vsti that is composed of 16 channels, but when I load it into the sample slot, only the first instrument plays. If I load it into more than one sample slot, it totally bogs my system down because of the great number of channels (x16). So how do I link to the specific channels 1-16 in one sample slot instead of just the first channel?
  17. The arrangement is good and everything, but all of the samples that are supposed to be "real" instruments (like in the beginning) sound horribly GM-ish. It's easy to find good samples for electronic stuff because, duh, it's electronic. So there's not too much problem on that front.
  18. Anyone who mixes Marble Madness is OK with me, even if it sucks. This clearly does not suck. I like the general beat, and I like electronic music (second electronic one from this game), but after a while it gets a bit repetitive for me. I think it would make decent driving music though. And I guess the fade out of the melody is appropriate for this style, but I always crave more resolution.
  19. Thank you, but this one is quite a different style, and equally enjoyable. Certainly better in the production area than mine was. And a bit longer because of the Double Dragon incorporation. Anyways, aside from the good production, this song is good. I can agree with some of the statements of it being "garagey" because it sounds kind of like a band that I played in (although better). This song almost sounded like you could've plugged some words into it, too. It might've broken up some of the repetition of the drums. Also in the review was how it was similar to Rize, but I wasn't really feeling that. To me it seems like most of the guitarists have quite a different style around here. And I'm not sure how you recorded, but something one can always benefit from is multiple takes, especially around 2:28 and 4:04. Otherwise the playing is great. I look forward to more from you later.
  20. Yes, it's quite odd that it only came out a couple days ago on vgmix, and shortly appears here. Sometimes I wish artists would only contribute one song to one site so that other artists could make it in on this one, but then some artists couldn't get all the coverage that they have. Like definitely more people will come here. Anyways, I also gave a review over there, so no need to repeat too much here. I do like the song, but I'm really picky about vocals. You are a good singer, but I just can't get into your voice. Just a personal preference really.
  21. It's cool to hear all the various songs from the game, but as one piece, I don't feel that they work. I did like the additions from SOTN a lot though. It should almost have been listed as multi-game, but I don't know if the database is capable of that. And it's probably just my opinion, but I don't know if Castlevania was really meant for laid-back jazz music. Obviously though, this is just an interpretation that totally focused on the music rather than the theme of the game. But when I think Castlevania, I think evil or dark music. Like symphonic, rock, metal, industrial, etc. But it's ok to think outside the box, and this surprisingly works with some of the songs, especially the SOTN ones.
  22. Right, I'm not sure how this song is good aside from some decent arrangement. It's weird when you hear judges say something along the lines of "I can tell there was lots of time spent on this" as opposed to other times saying "Even though they spent a lot of time on this, that can't be the determining factor." This mix was processed. Straight up tempo, and no variance on the expression of notes. The soundfonts used were only a notch above GM. And the arrangement was ok, but the ending left much to be desired.
  23. I like the watery sort of synth. It just has such a nice vibe and flow to it. The arrangement is pretty good too. A couple moments in it left me wondering if it was over. I like the occasional pause, but sometimes lengthy and frequent pauses bug me.
  24. My favorite part was around 4:00. The melody started to pick up there instead of being so random. No problem with that, that's just jazz for ya.
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