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  1. For some reason, Soundcloud can't find the song anymore. No links to it work anymore and accidentally refreshing tabs that were working fine a few days ago makes them forget that the song existed. Which sucks, because I thought it was a really cool song. ... Man, I need to start listening to more of your stuff.
  2. I totally agree that Nintendo should add GameCube games to the Virtual Console. It totally makes sense for them to do that. But I'm not going to be mad about this news because it isn't that. Some Wii games are hard to find, and are often too expensive to be worth buying, so that's why I haven't played games like the Prime Trilogy yet. But now I can, at some pretty affordable prices too. Granted, the same can be said for GameCube games, and I still believe that they should do that. But if I can get previously rare Wii games at $10 or $20, I'm in no way complaining. Also, the European Direct h
  3. You took the time to look at my page and you didn't seem to have any friends so I figured we could maybe chat it up.

  4. Awesome. I didn't know that. Thanks. It'd be nice to see one of the character themes see a remix, though. Still, I'm happy the game got some recognition.
  5. Yeah, this is one of the Mario Sports games. But, for one of the Mario Sports games, some of the character themes have a lot of style and just sound really nice despite their simple repetitiveness. has a very upbeat Spanish theme, and has a incredibly infectious trumpet melody. , while incredibly simple, has a club vibe going on. I could see somebody using this to create an interesting bubblegum pop song, if anyone has any aspirations to make one of those. reminds me a little of the Peanuts theme, but with more energy and trumpet melodies... take that how you will.And I have no idea
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