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  1. We've been trying to accomplish this over at VGLeadSheets.com. We currently have over 300 lead sheets that have been getting a lot of usage in the Jam Clinic at MAGFest. Every sheet is peer-reviewed and goes through a review process so that the number of mistakes in the final product are minimal. https://www.vgleadsheets.com
  2. Here's an updated version with some tweaked reverb, messing around with sidechaining to duck the reverb when the lead vocal is singing: https://clyp.it/vrho2h04?token=a98bfd3cda1662eb620bf510c47ced50
  3. Haha! Yeah, I'm an oldie...used to hang out on #rpgamer, #midi, #vgmusic around 15 years ago, and I'd listen to stuff from OCR and wish my MIDIs could sound that good, haha. I even have old stuff on vgmusic.com, hilariously enough.
  4. Hi, Here's a remix of the ever so popular Luna's Boat Song / Wind Nocturne from that super old JRPG. I would love some tips / advice how to get the recording to sound awesome. I only know the basics of EQ / compression / reverb, and it seems like I've got a long way to go before I get a super pro quality sound. Detailed feedback & constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated! Luna's Boat Song [2015.07.06] Source Thanks, Jer
  5. Hi, I'm a huge lurker and have been active in other parts of the video game music community. I'm looking to improve my remixing and production skills with all of your great feedback. I've been listening to music from here since 1999, and think I'm finally brave / mature enough to try to get a song on here, haha. You might know me as the keyboardist from Arc Impulse. Nice to meet you all!
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