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  1. This is a very amazing remix. I don't even like the original that much, but you made it very, very pleasing to listen too. I downloaded it since the link gave the option (I hope that's okay), but the file was an incredible 61.2 megabytes! Is it possible to get a download that's under or around 10 megabytes? I hope that's not asking too much. To reiterate though, this was one of the most amazing mixes I've heard in a while. This is definitely front page worthy to me. Thank you very much for sharing your work. It was a treat.
  2. I myself think it's extraordinarily masterful, start to finish. This is extremely quality work. Certainly no complaints from me, but I too think you can produce a more beautiful ending in time if you so choose. I do believe this is now my absolute favorite rendition of this song, and I have heard at the very least a good 40 or so. Marvelous work freezeTAG, marvelous indeed.
  3. As someone who doesn't visit OCRemix often at all, what are the odds that when I do that song I've been looking forward too is the top song in Workshop ReMixes! I was meant to see how this turns out for sure! So far, I'm really enjoying this. When you've finally finished this, I do hope to hear more from you in the future. Both times I've ever bothered to log in were for this song, and I am very pleased so far. I'd be very pleased if this was the final product even. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.
  4. Thanks again for your kind words about my arrangement. It's tremendously encouraging to me that you enjoyed it so much!

  5. I have visited this site for years and literally just made an account to tell you that this was so..amazing. I sincerely hope you finish this. I really, truly do. You are very talented, and I eagerly look forward to it's completion.
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