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    My name is Alejandro Hernandez. Currently, I'm a Full Sail University student majoring in Recording Arts (BS) and I'm working my way up to be a remarkable Sound Designer for Video Games or Film. In my spare time, I love working on soundtracks since it's what I love the most.
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    Electric Guitar: Lead
  1. For such a short time learning how to play an instrument, I think you did great! Just practice along a metronome and you'll be fine later on! Overall it was a good cover!
  2. Heeello! I'm Alejandro I have always known about this page and also browsed it maaany times but never got to register or anything! I'm glad I did, I'm truly looking forward to meeting VGM fans like me around here! I'm a sound engineering student and I do VGM remixes in my spare time, if anyone has questions about recording, I'd gladly help you out! www.youtube.com/user/alez15666