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  1. Great stuff, but my favorite is Power Stone. I put it on loop and I never get tired of it. Question: Do you plan on doing a Robot Museum 2? Because there are a lot of songs that haven't been remixed, especially from Mega Man 4 and on. I know the chances of you doing another Mega Man collection is slim, but I just had to ask.
  2. Great song. If I want some music playing in the background (while I'm doing something else), I just set this song on repeat and it's just perfect. Oh and every time I listen to it, it seems like it would be a perfect fit for a "Metroid Prime" game. I don't know, it just feels similar to that type of music, which I like. So, maybe that's another reason I like this song.
  3. Less than a day left. Someone better submit something before the clock runs out.
  4. I think this means you're the default winner.
  5. There's only four days left, but still no entries.
  6. I thought that if there's more than one winner, then each winner sends a source. But then for the next competition, it's up to the contestant whether to use both of the sources, or one or the other. I could be wrong, but I think that's how it goes.
  7. Now only one day left. Someone has to have something by now, right? Even if it's just a WIP? Or is this the end of ORC, like Nase suggested?
  8. Only three days left, but still no entries.
  9. So, I guess Nase won, huh? Shouldn't Doulifée be informing him to send in a source tune by now? I mean, voting ended almost a week ago.
  10. Six hours left. There's still time to get a few more entries.
  11. I didn't realize they had a limit. Is that new?
  12. Really? How come it's not on the ORC131 compo page?
  13. There's only 13 minutes left! Maybe there will be an extension.
  14. Now less than two days, and still no entries.
  15. I guess the answer is "not". It would have been nice, though. Tetrisphere has some really great music.
  16. Danger and challenge? The Remixanator is the future and that means that it's easy and convenient. No more waiting around for months or even years for that one IceCap theme that I really really wanted. Now, with just a few clicks of my mouse, voila! Instant remix! I don't know how anyone could think that this was anything but a revolutionary idea.
  17. I don't understand why so many people are against this. The Remixanator is probably the best thing that has ever come to OC Remix. I've already listened to all the songs generated from it and I just can't get enough of it. Everything is so incredible, especially those female vocals. It's some of the best singing I've ever heard. Certainly as good as the best of the site. The only drawback I see is that we'll have to wait until next fall to get another source tune added. I can't wait that long! Maybe we should put together a petition to get DJ Pretzel to add a new tune faster than that. Maybe, I don't know, in a couple of months? Favorite song right now: Smooth IceCap with Female Vocals. That track is just gold!
  18. I hope they put Zeal Island on there next. I love that song.
  19. Now there's only 20 hours left. Please don't make this another default win.
  20. Now there's only three days left, but still only one entry.
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