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  1. Thanks I plan to release another video before the end of the year! In the meantime please check out the albums soundcloud - you can see all previews from the album. If anyone has a preference of which track they'd like to see a video for, please let me know!
  2. Sakimoto listened to it - he said 'lol, that's damn cool!'. Just thought i'd share with you
  3. It's pretty great! Didn't think to use a 12-string guitar but it actually works quite well given Sakimoto's layered, complex scores for his FF stuff. If it's ok I'll send this piece to him when I get a chance.
  4. Thanks! If you're into piano then you should check out Casey's other albums - the FFXII piano album and Valkyria Chronicles piano pieces. They were all edited together from multiple takes. Could you tell? We recorded the whole album in 12 hours (over 2 days).
  5. I'd like to introduce everyone to our new album Legacy Sessions: GAME Generation 5, a new album featuring classic melodies from the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation era, arranged and performed live by professional studio musicians. Please see the info below, and if you like the album please help spread the word because we'd like to make more of these from other gaming generations! Follow Legacy Sessions on Twitter and Facebook, and visit the official website for future announcements and music video releases. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. A brand new track from our album 'LEGACY SESSIONS: GAME GENERATION 5'! Arrangement by Casey Ormond This time it's a mashup of the 'File Select' themes from the 2 greatest Nintendo 64 games - Super Mario 64 and Zelda: OoT For more 32-bit (generation 5) game music arrangements, recorded live in the studio by some great musicians please check out the album and other vids on the youtube channel! http://legacy-sessions.com Of course all comments / questions are welcome
  7. Hope everyone can enjoy this! We've been wanting to tribute not just this game, but many from the same generation (1995-2000). Please check out our album for more pieces at http://legacy-sessions.com A Tribute to Final Fantasy VII (Legacy Sessions: GAME Generation 5): Arrangement by Casey Ormond (official FFXII Piano Collections, Valkyria Chronicles Piano Pieces) Co-created by Demetri Potiris (production co-ordinator for Valkyria Chronicles, Tekken 6, Tactics Ogre remake live recordings, as well as Casey's albums) Any questions or comments you have are most welcome! Demetri will answ
  8. Please check out our arrangement album to the 32-bit era of gaming! http://legacy-sessions.com

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