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  1. It is amazing how experience helps. I listen to songs I wrote a year ago, and think "What was I thinking?". I can see the growth in my ear over the past year, and I still have a long way to go myself. Keep at it!
  2. I appreciate the help Moseph and Neblix. Sibelius is definitely not as easy to work with production wise since AVID has Pro Tools for that. I'll try the layering for awhile and see how it goes. If it doesn't work out, both CS2 and Mural Ensembles come in at <$300 with the education discount. It wouldn't be bad to build up my library for that price anyway, and I'll bet a better dedicated library would be less CPU usage in the long run.
  3. Nothing that genius. You can export midi data from Sibelius or use ReWire to treat Sibelius like a plug-in within FL. I've used ReWire to cover violin parts I'm going to record live later. MIDI data doesn't export as well as it should because Sibelius doesn't export the key switching when I write a staccato, sf, or pizz. So I'd have to put it in again with FL, and might as well just use the piano roll to start. Sibelius does have a nice mixer that allows for four different master VST effects and has four effects buses that allow two VSTs each for instrument groups. Plus I have lots of con
  4. Hello all, Thank you for replying. I've posted four different videos of examples to my newly made Youtube Channel. This first one is an example with both Action Strings, Session Strings Pro, Evolve, and a Kontakt F Horn. I layered tremolo strings and regular strings for SS Pro. Done last summer as a challenge to learn and make a song a day. https://youtu.be/KS6QBHjrO-Y This one just has Action Strings, The Giant, and several of the Kontakt Orchestral instruments. Probably could be better balanced in places. Also done last summer. https://youtu.be/TgNW-TvWSfI The next one is an ex
  5. Hello Remixers, I am wondering if I should seek to invest in a good string library, and if so, what are some recommendations? I already have Komplete 9 Ultimate which comes with Action Strings, Session Strings Pro, and Kontakt Strings. I don't know if it is just my skills falling short of making them sound good, or if I could use better source material. I use both FL Studio and Sibelius 7.5 as DAWs. I've done a lot of research, but I don't want to spend the money if it's just my skills that need the upgrade. I've been playing violin for almost 20 yrs and have played in several orchestras.
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