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  1. Much more I wanted to do with it, but it was good practice in playing a tune back from memory alone (it's always been a favorite of mine - I've listened to it hundreds of thousands of times). Highly underrated tune. Enjoy.
  2. Hi all, My name's Jeremy Johnson, and I've gone by cooliscool since 2000, and an amateur composer of many years. I've played the piano and drums since age seven (20 years), and have progressively composed pieces in that time. I've reached a peak in these later years, and I'm pretty pleased. Remixed a few game songs, which I was very proud of, but never submitted them. I've lurked since 2003, around the time Charles Blachly died. Basically, Alph Lyla single handedly turned me into a composer, with their sheer excellen (ce and immaculate ears. Anyway, my music can be found at SoundCloud. The t
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