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  1. Hey Andrew, funny seeing Tears of Avia on an OCremix forum- I actually wrote about Tears of Avia's kickstarter campaign very recently for Really like the tracks. The guitar-like instrument on the town theme sounds fantastic. If that's MIDI, I need to get that sound.
  2. The looping bit's not the issue, I know that it works as a seamless loop already. It's more the quality of the mix, the realism of the piano etc that I want feedback on. My mistake about the subforum. I should have looked more carefully at the available forums.
  3. Hi guys, I'm working on an original piece at the moment. It's a sad, solo piano track, only 1 minute or so in length, and it has to work as a seamless loop. I'm not at all confident in my own abilities, so what I want to know is- what do you think, and what can I do to make it better? I use Logic Pro 9, and this was created with the Ivy Piano in 162 soundfont. I wish I could get a live player to perform it, but alas, I lack both a piano, and the ability to play one.
  4. I'm available, and I'd be happy to contribute, if you're interested. I'd also be able to help with sound design, and audio programming. ( (
  5. I'd be up for taking part, slightly concerned my orchestral samples might not be good enough to compare with other peoples. Will this kind of standard be good enough?
  6. I presume you're looking for some chiptune/retro inspired style music to match the visuals? Is Final Fantasy VI esque music the aim?