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  1. Hey Andrew, funny seeing Tears of Avia on an OCremix forum- I actually wrote about Tears of Avia's kickstarter campaign very recently for indiehaven.com http://indiehaven.com/kickstarter-weekly-vol-43/ Really like the tracks. The guitar-like instrument on the town theme sounds fantastic. If that's MIDI, I need to get that sound.
  2. The looping bit's not the issue, I know that it works as a seamless loop already. It's more the quality of the mix, the realism of the piano etc that I want feedback on. My mistake about the subforum. I should have looked more carefully at the available forums.
  3. Hi guys, I'm working on an original piece at the moment. It's a sad, solo piano track, only 1 minute or so in length, and it has to work as a seamless loop. I'm not at all confident in my own abilities, so what I want to know is- what do you think, and what can I do to make it better? I use Logic Pro 9, and this was created with the Ivy Piano in 162 soundfont. I wish I could get a live player to perform it, but alas, I lack both a piano, and the ability to play one. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/np1ahu61yc034f4/AABQn7x16LRh6_aIrtsVl2vSa?dl=0
  4. I'm available, and I'd be happy to contribute, if you're interested. I'd also be able to help with sound design, and audio programming. (https://soundcloud.com/philip-aldous-composer/chiptune-adventure-theme) (https://soundcloud.com/philip-aldous-composer/sets/3-pieces-inspired-by-the-charnel-house-trilogy) https://twitter.com/PAldousMusic https://soundcloud.com/philip-aldous-composer
  5. I'd be up for taking part, slightly concerned my orchestral samples might not be good enough to compare with other peoples. Will this kind of standard be good enough? https://soundcloud.com/philip-aldous-composer/tarantella-forsennato
  6. I presume you're looking for some chiptune/retro inspired style music to match the visuals? Is Final Fantasy VI esque music the aim?
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