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  1. Hey everybody, I just recently finished a track that started as some kind of accident when I unintentionally sent my kick to the delay return track but immediately liked the effect. The rest of the track just flew right out of my fingers. I'd describe it as some kind of experimental-oriental-soundtrack-stuff. What interests me most: do you guys 'feel' anything when you listen to this? I am lately heavily questioning my own productions in terms of their vibes (or what I think: not existing vibes). Maybe as a producer it's hard to feel vibes in your own tracks, but yeah, let me know what you think. https://soundcloud.com/tiyotsu/red-sand Thanks in advance
  2. amazing! I was really curious about the forest temple. I love the forest temple theme, but the original has such an experimental and dreamy touch, it's hard to recreate but I can hear that your harmonies are almost there! respect for finding all those fitting instruments too. good job did you use percussion loops for example in the gerudo valley theme?
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