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  1. Intro was annoying after a while =|, but then it burst out as one of the coolest metroid remixes! The synth theme is awesome and the guitar is lovely.. brilliant, but the intro could've been made a litte more ...how should I put it... not so high and stretched. I play all songs on my two 500W speakers and the sound pierced through my skull like swords.
  2. Godlike, and extremely beautiful... almost makes me dedicate some tears *sniff* , the strings and piano are superb! You must download this!
  3. Amazing.... Top 3 of the best remixes on this site without a doubt!! Omg.. I'm absolutely stunned.. my wholy body is numb from the perfection in this song.. Wow.
  4. WOW! The guitar is AWESOME, I wish the remix was longer though! Beautiful intro... *tears of joy*
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