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  1. I'm listening to the Super Cartography Bros. album for the umpteenth time right now, and I'm still marveling how they turned 10-20 second map screen music into wonderfully remixed music. Has anyone thought about doing this type of album, but for Megaman? Specifically, this would work really well for the Select a Robot Master screen (i.e. where you select which ___ Man's stage you want to play). The select screen music here is great, but of course it is short. Imagining skilled artists doing to this music what was done for Super Cartography Bros. would be amazing!
  2. I had no idea about the FFV: Wind album until the Water album dropped on 4/1/2016. I found the remixes for Wind were fantastic, with Bartz' Theme / Ahead on our Way being the best new (to me, I suppose) remix I've heard in awhile. I was listening to the (April Fool's version) Water album and am like, "wow, this version isn't...great." With it being free, I'm like, "well, I guess I got what I paid for." I know that's cold, but there's a certain level of quality I expect from the remixes here that was totally lacking with this album. I'm soooo thankful that it was a joke and that DarkeSw
  3. I've seen a couple songs from this game in the 14 years I've been on OCR, but I would love to see an artist (or many!) try to tackle the whole soundtrack itself. It was a great game that had phenomenal music!
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