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  1. Good to find a thread about hip hop! I'm very new to the OC scene (O Scene?) but I've got some rough tracks posted on sound cloud for the hell of it. Beats are pretty basic (largely videogame) samples with drum loops laid overtop, but I've been working on some more involved, arranged tracks that are suitable to post here on OCR. In the meantime, however, I'd love to do a collab sessions with a few of you guys. I listened to everything that's linked above, and I can definitely get down with it. Here's a very small sample of some of the things I've done over the past couple years. Please
  2. Hey all, As I hone my skills and work towards getting arrangements together that will meet the criteria of you fabulous contributors, I'd like to share a very small sampling of some of the work I've done so far, as well as offer my assistance in any collaborative effort you may find yourself needing help with As a disclaimer, I should state now that the following tracks being linked may contain language that is NSFW. Listen at your own discretion. Growing up, I was really into hip hop (I'd rather not talk about the state of the genre today), so I experimented early with sequencin
  3. Hi Everyone! This is my first post here at OCRemix, but it's far from my first visit. I've been listening to your contributions since I dared to download last.fm on my (original) Droid like a hundred years ago while getting ready for work one day. I literally dashed out of the shower mid-wash when I first heard "The Flood Plain" by JigginJonT in a panicked, must-find-the-source-of-this-work-before-it's-over" moments. So... Thanks Jon (and, of course, everyone else who has contributed and given me amazing music to listen to). I grew up playing videogames and making music, but lately my
  4. My 'Tap A' is sick

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