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  1. Hello all! First of all, I'm new to the forum. I thought it'd be nice to meet some musicians with some similar interests since most of the musicians I work with aren't too much into video games. I wanted to share a quick Super Mario Bros. cover I made a while ago and re-recorded recently. It's just a quick metal version of the Underworld theme from the Super Mario All Stars version. One day when I was waiting for my computer to do something, I was playing with my guitar and kind of came up with this fun little quickie. It's only about 40 seconds long, but maybe some of you might get a kick ou
  2. The acoustics seem to have a little too much air/presence. How are you recording them? They're played well, but the way they were captured is a little harsh. You could try some notching and maybe a LPF to fix it. I think the drums don't fit the theme well. If you want that arena rock sound, the samples you're using don't quite work out, especially the snare and crashes. I personally think you'd be better with a jazzier/dryer kit and maybe using side stick on the snare as opposed to head/rimshots. This one is a personal gripe, and I know it's petty, but the fret noises kill my ears. You can p
  3. I think Prominy's V-Metal is pretty decent in that regard. Like I said, I haven't heard a library match the rhythm articulation in Shreddage really. I could just have a sensitive ear about the leads since my main instrument is guitar. But this is a cool update. One of my friends uses Shreddage II a bit for prepros. I bet he'd love to see this update.
  4. I'm aware, sorry for the misnomer. I meant libraries actually. Edit: Like I said, though, this is definitely the go to if you're using VSTs for rhythm guitars. I don't think I've heard one as accurate yet.
  5. doesn't tune to dropped f# doesn't dj0nt 0/1 But seriously, this is one of the cooler guitar synths for rhythms. The leads still sound so unnatural to me. Great for prepro.
  6. Not too familiar with Garage Band's capabilities, but you could always use an SF2 loader and a Genesis soundfont. https://woolyss.com/chipmusic-soundfonts.php Have you considered trying Reaper?
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