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    Straight from the cloudiest state in the US, Andrew Bugg AKA The Great Anansi is a college student who makes music with the surprising amount of free time he has, specializing in electronic music of varying categorizations and a deep fondness for chiptunes.
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  1. Alright, I took those suggestions and cranked out new version of the piece! I still haven't done a whole lot in the way of mixing aside from a few tweaks here and there, but the song is effectively finished in a compositional sense...though it's important to note that, due to this effectively being a battle theme, I was imagining that it would loop just like an ingame battle theme would. Linkage It's also worth noting that I decided to implement a bit from the CORE theme in a later part of the song. Still looking for feedback and advice!
  2. Thank you very much for the advice! It's worth noting that I still have a bit ahead of me as far as composition work goes, and that the "ending" isn't going to actually be the ending of the piece. As for the guitar-sounding synth (the one you hear during the second half of the flute-ish section), it's what comprises the majority of that section's middle values, and straight-up taking it out makes the mix feel fairly empty. However, you're right in that it could do with being a bit more crisp, so I'll see what I can do on that front to make it pop out a bit more.
  3. So, in Undertale, there's a character by the name of W.D. Gaster. Long story short, he's a character whose existence is only mentioned via manipulation of the game's code, and among these manipulations is actually for the guy, which I decided to try and remix into a full-fledged battle theme. Of course, the theme isn't exactly a sprawling and elaborate piece of music, so I have a lot of room to work with.Here's a link to the remix! This is most definitely not finished; there's still a bit of composition work I want to do, and I haven't so much as touched anything as far as mixing goes,
  4. Just recently graduated from high school and started college, been frantically scrambling to find some kind of part-time job in this rocky crag of a job market. No one seems to be hiring, it seems. On the bright side, though, college is going by quite smoothly, and I managed to secure a nice chunk of financial aid that should cover the bulk of my tuition costs. I also started taking a music theory class, which is actually rather new to me even though I've been playing and composing music for a while; it was always just something I played by ear.
  5. Was wondering if anyone happened to have any resources for some marching drum sounds, be they VST plugins or a sample library of some sort. Been trying to get a bit more force behind my drumlines, and I couldn't seem to find any during my cursory internet search. If anyone happens to know of somewhere I could find some, it would be very much appreciated!
  6. In an attempt to try and hone in on some of my areas of improvement, I'm dragging out some fairly dusty projects out. This one was a track for a stage in a fanmade game, a friend's project of making a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena, think League of Legends or DOTA) game based on the popular webcomic called Homestuck. I was requested to compose some remixes of various tracks from the comic and supplemental albums for the game. This one is a rendition of Core of Darkness, a track by Jeremy "Solatrus" Iamurri, and is the track for the Derse stage. Derse, for the uneducated, is a
  7. How-diddly-doo! I'm a musician of a few years, though I haven't ever interacted with another dedicated community of musicians until I was referred to OCR by a friend. I've been a longtime gamer and started my musicianship remaking some of my favorite songs, and I came here to hopefully get some advice to evolve from some random bloke piddling around on his laptop into a musician actually worth talking about.
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