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    Art, Music, Cheeseburgers

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    I live in the countryside where I draw, and have space to think. I've been known to occasionally socialise.
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  1. Odai are you available to chat on Skype about SoA album stuff between 1 and 3 EST today? My contact info is exobyte28

    1. Drawn by Dai

      Drawn by Dai

      Hi Modus,
      Not sure how that translates to GMT, but I think it's 5 hours difference if I remember correctly. just checking it out. If that's 1pm-3pm EST, that's pretty much imminent, in which case I may be able to jump in towards the end. Hands are tied with cooking dinner and putting the kids to bed at the moment. I'm not saying no, but I'll try and jump in the moment I'm available. Is that OK? Don't want to miss the meeting.

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