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  1. I can sing over a track if anyone wants vocals over their music. Anyone up for it?
  2. Heyo Stahalamora, there's a new project up and I've claimed 2 tracks.  There is one very emotional track which could use a good operatic vocal touch :D

    Paths Less Travelled

    The source tune I'm thinking of is this (BTW I already have a fairly well developed WIP).  Lemme know if you're up for collaborating avec moi.







    1. HoboKa


      oops meant to make that a PM lol


  3. If you need a singer for any of these tracks, I can sing opera which can sound pretty awesome!
  4. If you need a singer for any of these songs, I sing opera, which can sound pretty cool and epic!
  5. Hello! My name is Stahalamora and I am an Opera/Celtic Singer. Currently working on various tracks with artists from all over, I am looking to collaborate with anyone who thinks my voice would sound good to their music! Do check out my Soundcloud and don't hesitate to contact me if needed!
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