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  1. I truly believe that Spirits Within tanking was the sole reason AC didn't get a theatre release in the US. And even in Japan it had only one showing in some theatre for the fans. I mean the least they could have done was a limited release....I figured if something like Cowboy Bebop or Paprika got a limited release, something as wildly popular as FF, let alone an actual movie based on the game, should have. Face value it seemed like a mindless, yet flashy action movie that would have done decently in the box office, but we'll never know.
  2. Nat

    EGM is no more

    It's sad to see but that magazine has been dead to me ever since they overhauled their review system to make it a lot more simplified (ie: removing individual ratings for sound, graphics, etc). If anything giving halo 1 and 2 both perfect 10's (ESPECIALLY part 2) really did it for me, I wouldn't be surprised if they did the same for part 3. I swear they gave halo 2 a 5 page spread every single issue until it came out, so it was almost like they had to give it the perfect 10. They also started to move away from feeling like a gaming magazine by trying to add attitude and feel more "edgy" (at least to me). With the advent of the information superhighway they slowly fell back due to the fact that people could acquire information instantly (and for free) vs paying for generally outdated info minus the exclusive every now and then. If there was one cool thing I think most people liked was the rumor mill, it was always interesting to hear what they had to say...but again it was something that sort of bit the dust as well due to the net. I never was a big fan of game (Mis)informer, although while younger I always thought it was cool their mags were like 20 percent larger than anyone elses (bigger pics are always cooler right). Can't really speak for the 1UP side, but the death of the mag is just another case of internet killed the magazine star.
  3. Nat

    Sony PS3

    How does this make sense exactly? Like sony being on top for 2 generations hasn't caused that?
  4. Sorry if I came off as sounding invincible, I just wanted to show the guy that hunters are extremly useful endgame...and from what ive seen (and heard from other hunters) the main way to tear us up as a warrior is to sword and board to mitigate everything or to just stick to us like white on rice, cause we arn't excatly killing machines close quarters (although some will argue against that). But sometimes that doesn't need to happen when crits go off and totally changes the course of the fight And even if you do say that one should have solo'd you already - do you think (or know) that you have faced the best hunters on your server? You can't really say you will never lose to a hunter equally skilled/geared or not, but more power to your streak!
  5. Kak just wondering but what class are you? Because any hunter with half a brain can beat both a rouge and a warrior pretty easily. Not enough snares and CC? You are kidding right? Our class revolves so much around snaring and CC its not even funny (especially in group pvp settings). We have (Imp) wing clip, freezing trap, FROST trap (emphasis heavily added) with the entrapment talent, scatter shot, and (imp) conc shot - to say that our class doesn't have enough is laughable especially for locking down melee classes. Not having enough damage? The hunter class is notorious for massive burst damage, which is why we are getting nerfed (again) next patch. Can you can tell me another class that can 2 shot tier 2 cloth and 3-4 shot leather without timers? Gear does play a part in this a lot but without the skill terrible hunters will get killed easily. To be honest the only classes that give me trouble in a non duel situation (I hate duels with a passion) are lol shadow spec priests and soul link warlocks - but then again who doesn't have a hard time against a warlock. Rouges are probably my easiest class to deal with, due to how quickly they die, how they are rediculously easy they are to CC and how I can negate their class with a little thing called hunter's mark. Even if they get the opener on me and attempt to frontload it takes a whole lot to take me down due to my mitigation being nearing 50 percent. Combined with the CCs,versitility, armor mitigation and burst damage of the hunter, as it stands it is one of the best end game classes in the game. Again that is only if you know how to use the hunter to its potential, as from what I know it is one of the hardest classes to master end game (PvP not PvE). And I know it was just an example you made but rank doesn't equal skill in the slightest bit. I've seen so many trashbag rank 14 hunters who are just as dumb as they were before they started the grind, cause that's all it is - a grind, not a test of skill. Being as geared out as I am, I actually get frustrated seeing someone die in 2 hits, but at the same time it's why I love my class.
  6. you're kidding right?
  7. Yeah your right, I don't know why I was thinking of will. At least you can be happy to not have the NE racial... Okay it might not be exactly "easy mode" status but just due to the obvious racials (25 percent stun resist, war stomp, will, etc) geared toward pvp and seeing how shaman are an offensive oriented support class (windfury) as opposed to paladins i'd be hard pressed to say that horde don't have an advantage. And to be more specific when I say PVP I mean an orginized 5 man group. More than 1 pally in a 5 man group would be bad news - coming from a (very smart)pally in my guild the only reason you'd ever use double pally would be if it was an alliance vs alliance with a cheese group of just pallies and warriors.
  8. I guess i'll accept the fact that it is an easier faction to play for pve...its just that when I hear the words "easy mode" it multiplies in my mind to make me makes it sound like our faction is a walk in the park, because it isn't...and you must be the only undead to want to trade his racial (maybe cause you are a priest) because all my friends make fun of will beacuse they think its so overpowered. Stoneform has its uses but more often then not its not used... You also have to understand (which im sure you do)that horde racials are more pvp I allowed to say that horde has it easy mode for pvp? And im sure you know DI'ing Razor is a bannable offense.
  9. Its not as gamebreaking as people make it out to be - and its far from trivializing the bosses as that one spell shouldn't be banked on keeping the entire raid alive, seeing that so many other things are happening that don't make fear ward that much of a major piece of the fight, but if its the case then that would be a very poor group of players. I will say that during progression it is very useful but after that its not needed terribly, if at all - and with only the main tank being the primary concern to not get feared, its nothing that grounding totems and a smart MT that knows how to stance dance can't fix. There are plenty of terrible people out there who still can't and may never beat those bosses even with the supossed silver bullet they may posess. Maybe I never noticed but when was fear ward ever used in a Razorgore fight? And if you really wanted to bring up an issues with why most people truly think alliance is easy mode, Blessing of kings and salv would have done the trick.
  10. Too bad its not easy enough to warrant thousands upon thousands of people crying about it. I don't know of any guilds alliance side who can execute him better than us but, do you know of a little guy that goes by the name of viscidus?
  11. well we have 2 more patches pre expansion and with about 3 months per patch with 1.10 just coming out a couple of weeks ago...yeah expansion should come out around christmas/early jan.
  12. Sleazy what class are you? Im going to guess you're a rouge from your sig...whats your gear and setup?Personally movies (especially pvp movies)don't impress me 90 percent of the time, seeing its usually a fight between people in the mid 50's so the crits look harder then they'd be on a 60 just as geared out as them...but when there's a good video out they are dang good.
  13. Sleasy basically told you what I was going to tell you about the sets zircon - they may be slightly better stat wise but as you can see they lose resistances in the transition - but again I see the AQ set as a sidegrade...I know a few rouges you use the 5 piece because its so beneficial...but thats about the only time you'll see somone using more tier 1 than tier 2 gear equipped if avaible to them. With my guild currently being stuck on stage 2 of c'thun (like every other good guild due to him being buggy as all hell) the first stage is incredibly easy, what I like about it is that it tests the indiviual competence of a player as they have to be aware of their surroundings to survive. After seeing c'thun's loot table I can say "thats nice" but its nothing comapred to seeing rag or nef's loot table - now that was awe inspiring. Hopfully C'thun will be downed in the next week or two, they nerfed him hardcore for what I heard...and yes the trash past huhu will own alot of guilds who thought they were hot stuff killing huhu till they run into that wall. Anyone who thinks they will get there I suggest that they run AQ 20 first to get a feel of what they will run up against.
  14. Due to a gamebreaking bug I double sand blast you for 3483 and 4828. (Few will get the joke that most won't.) -Combat
  15. zircon, AQ gear is NOT I repeat NOT considered tier 3...not by a long shot, especially considering the sets are 5 piece and not 8. As a end game raider many people have complained that blizzard dropped the ball on this instance - sure it has its cool parts, but the risk vs reward is too great for the minimal upgrages - which is considered more of a sidegrade to many (including myself). Sure it has it's standout items, but thats something seen in every instance. The itemization was also poorly done - its not fun having to run a mid 40's instance for a level 60 nature resistance gear no dead huhuran. Not to mention that a third of the bosses were bugged (2 optional ones and the last boss)up until todays patch (at least I hope so) so that didn't help either... To add more issues AQ 20 is a joke as well - it doesn't hold a candle to ZG in terms of both size and content. Here's hoping that Naxxramas will end as a pre expansion 40 man that was executed well.