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  1. Vergil from Devil May Cry 3 (on Dante Must Die! mode) took me to school. Nothing's more tougher than a difficult computer opponent with similar moves from your character. Emperor Ing and Dark Samus from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes really stood out for me. I forget how many forms Emperor Ing turns into, but it was too much.
  2. this remix makes me want to create a convert-mp3-to-female-human machine, where i'd insert this mp3 to create a female human, then marry her, and make sweet, sweet love to her allll night long. (i really dig the those chosen by the planet and kuja's theme part, then it closes with Terra's theme [it shines a totally different light on the remix]...which I didn't realize until later. good job.)
  3. maybe i lack appreciation for the fine arts but damn the first few minutes were kind of not interesting. it took a while to get to the point just like the silent hill 2 theme of laura remix (which didn't feature spooky static either, just pure ear-fucking, annoying static). at 2:33 the fun part comes in. then fades away. then comes back again, then fades away, and the remaining minutes are yet more kinda not interesting. the main part is nice, though.
  4. hmm. interesting remix. kick ass remix, actually. Yep, its loud, its raw, ...its the way rock/metal is supposed to sound Some remixers just go into their own original artistic world and use a few minutes of ear-fucking static *cough*Silent Hill 2 StaticAversion*cough* and then finally get to the cool part. However, in this remix, it gets straight to the point. The sound effects are pretty cool too, like that boiling cauldron...and before the main attraction, that wizard laugh or whatever it is comes in, and what I love most is the heavy and loud guitars. Its nice to hear a good ol' straight-foward heavy remix. Good job, dude.
  5. This is a pretty cool remix. I downloaded it a while ago and it sounds pretty nice. The orchestral inspired sounds sound trippy and mellow. It's a cool soothing song up until the point where the guitar comes in. Then it starts to rock. heh. The guitar tone isn't as Metallica-ish as I assumed it would, but it sounded cool. I love the part (1:58/0:40) where the piece from the orignal blends in with the guitar. It made me wanna play Lufia again. Cool remix. *revives topic from the dead* edit: oh yeah, the only thing i dont like about this remix is that it's too short
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