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    Kid Icarus

    If you time your crouch and shoot buttons correctly, you can shoot the arrow much like a machine gun. Only works with short-ranged arrows.
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    Well, you can always try Dragonar, a series that they tried to promote as a new type of mecha series.
  3. My character is Amoserious on Arygos. Needs more Hunters.
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiQzsrZfev8 Zetsubou Sensei, Phoenix Wright version
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    Wait till you reach Americaland. Its great.
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHfSF2aITPs I remembered how this made me really sad. =(
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    I know anime is Japanese animation, but the definition of it is thinning out. The problem with placing anime as Japan-only is that its influence is already spreading and such. Is Korean animation not anime? Or Chinese animation? How about some animation that are aimed towards American audiences, like Afro Samurai, or American series that sort of pay tribute in artstyle, like Teen Titans or Airbender. I am not trying to spark a flame, but it is just like if someone call everything cartoons, then a bunch of people would throw a fit because there are various reasons why something should be called so-and-so, etc.
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    I guess I can give out some more personal opinions about some animations: Boys Be - This is pretty much a slice of life series, but rather than focusing on a lifestyle of a specific person, there are a series of people that this series examines and try to express it an an individuality that anyone can love. It is a decent animation, but I am not certain how the American Dubbing is like. GetBackers - This is a pretty nice animation that involves two people working in a retrieval-for-hire service, hence the animation's title. It involves magical powers and plot twists to some historical artifacts in our history, which makes it a pretty decent watch. The downer to this is that the ending falls flat, like a brick in a 100-g room. I would have expected more, but it just left me with an upset. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien - This is like "Its a Wonderful Life" in animation. So much turmoil in this series that you hope that it would end, so that the protagonists can at least have their dignity and such. It deals with a bunch of adult issues and is not suitable for people under the age of 13 and such, but overall, it is a strong series that strikes the person's psyche. Last Exile - A GONZO series that involves two ordinary children in an extraordinary war. It digs deep into the idea of aristocracy and the balance of power. You root for the protagonist as he tries to complete what thier fathers died for, peace. Maison Ikkoku - One of the older romantic genre series. It has the same art style as Ranma 1/2, Urusei Yatsura, and Inuyasha, but rather than involving martial arts or mystical beings, it revolves around a hopeless man trying to succeed in life while trying to have the courage to ask his landlord out. Overall, it is a nice series. Saikano - This series involves a girl transformed into a weapon of destruction to defend Japan from invading countries. It is a very harsh series that involves deaths of many of the secondary characters. It makes you wish that all of the violence can stop, so that the characters can at least live a normal life. It struck a chord on my nerves, which I stopped midway through the series, as I couldn't watch them suffer (it was the same time I was watching Now and Then, Here and There, so my emotions was already at its breaking point). Stelliva of the Universe - A space drama that involves a bunch of children placed into a world after its destruction. It focuses on their hopes of being the best that they can be, while engaging in conflicts that involve invading aliens, warring nations, and world-ending phenomenon. It is a bit heartwarming at some times, and overall is a good series. Batman the Animated Series - Animation is Animation, and Batman the Animated Series is, what I considered, one of the best American animation series of all time. It had a dark aspect to it and revolves around one of the greatest voiceacting that I heard. Once your hear Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as The Joker, you can not hear them in any other reincarnation of their characters. Its influence was so great, that even a series-only character, Harley Quinn, entered into the comic canon. There is a reason why this series won an Emmy.
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    http://www.advfilms.com/watch.aspx Select 'Drama'. Select 'Sister Princess'. Begin ear bleeding.
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    I remember there was an "anime club" in my high school. When I mean anime club, I mean 4 guys using a tv watching Slayers every day. It was pretty sad as the room was shared with basically everyone who had class before and after the lunchtime. Sidenote: One time they were watching the Evangelion movie with the part where Rei was on top of Shinji, and they were commenting out loud. "You know she is going to fake it when they do it" The professor that lent them the room looked up from his magazine. "Wait, what? You are watching porn in class?!?!" He then proceeds to turn off the tv and confiscate the tape. All while a bunch of people from after-lunch class, including me and a few friends, watched on. Classic.
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    There are a few anime that I would suggest watching, though some might already have been brought up. Mind if there are any type of spoilers, I can't tell. Key: the Metal Idol - It is a pretty old series, about a decade ago, which involves a mechanized girl to fulfill her grandfather's request to become human. It is set in that era, to which there is not that much magic or super-advance technological items, such as lasers or flying ships. What makes this series interesting is the idea of an advance Pinocchio story. Quality production was good at the time, though it involves bits of nudity and violence. Kokoro Library - A Slice of life series that I still love (see them dancing in SoC's sig). It is a story about 3 girls and a library. Focuses mainly on Kokoro, one of the girls, and sets it at a really lovely pace. No extremes of romance, violence (except a small tidbit, you will understand why as the series progress), or slapstick comedy. Abenobashi Mahou Shotengai - Also known as Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi. Pretty funny stuff. It is about a boy and a girl who travel to worlds to get back to their own. The curveball here is that the worlds are the thoughts of the boy. Extremely funny from beginning to end, overall it is worth a watch. Now and Then, Here and There - This is a very strong drama that covers all the ethical choices of man. In a world where water is scarce, a lot is portrayed in here. Greed, power, child militias, rape, pregnancy, the works. It is by far, the deepest dramatic series that I have seen. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and School Days make you think, "Wow, they can do that?" This series make you say, "Wow.....we can do that?" I can make a few more observational reviews of any other genres, just tell me which one.
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