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  1. haha sorry it was just a really lame attempt at sarcastic trolling too
  2. thanks guys! i don't know what a yashaman is but it doesnt sound very popular here sorry for this thread please delete it if it is necessary! //sarcasm
  3. Kenobio

    Gaming with a friend or alone?

    Playing Secret of Mana with three people is one of the most fun gaming moments I have, but it usually just depends on the type of game. Games with epic storylines or gameplay are great fun to play with friends, but long RPGs I definitely prefer solo. I'd love to spend nights just taking turns and going through entire games such as Metal Gear Solid, various Zelda games, Shadow of the Colossus and countless others.
  4. Kenobio

    How long have you been coming to OCR?

    Like a lot of people here I started coming to OCR after reading about it in the July 2002 issue of EGM.
  5. Kenobio


    You? Talk too much? No ways...
  6. Kenobio


    good dubs are pretty friggin' hard to find
  7. Kenobio

    Games that were nostalgic but now suck

    It certainly doesn't suck by any stretch of the mind, but going back to play Shadow of the Colossus is not as easy as it was before.
  8. Kenobio

    Your take on why is OCR so open and trusting

    Yeah, as already stated there are a decent amount of people here from Texas. No idea if they'd be down for a meetup though.
  9. Kenobio

    Yo i gotta tell you...

    Haha you are totally right, Coop.
  10. Kenobio


  11. Kenobio


    hahahaha what the hell
  12. Kenobio

    Wild Arms: ARMed and DANGerous - History

    Looking forward to this! I know you can do it, JaDE!
  13. Kenobio

    Nintendo Wii

    How's the replayability on Muramasa once you've already beaten it?
  14. Kenobio

    Bad Dudes: Chronotorius (new album!) - Go buy it!

    Just got mine in as well. I love the art on the case and the cd itself, and the music of course is excellent too!
  15. Kenobio

    Okamiden: An Okami Game for DS

    Hmmmm. Judging by a different fun little cel-shaded DS game I think it's possible the graphics could be just fine. Can't wait for this game!