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    Music and gaming.

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    I'm currently studying to get a Mayor in music and a Minor in education. I recently started composing my own stuff, mainly classical stuff, but now with the tools I have I can make electronic music. I'm composing some original music that's inspired by VGM, especially anything involved with David Wise, Akira Yamaoka, Michael MCcane, among others, and on the side I'm making some VGM arrangements here and there. Hope you like my work!
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    musician/percussionist, aspiring composer

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    FL Studio
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    Arrangement & Orchestration
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    Conga, Bongo, Udu, and Keyboard Percussion Player

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  1. So I can send the file without having to worry about being denied for the bitrate?
  2. So how can I turn the bitrate to VBR1? I followed all the instructions with winlame and the bit rate turned to 218 instead of 192. I also don't see options to change to VBR1. The original bitrate was 1411kbps.
  3. I know this is off-topic,but I want to make sure I don't make a mistake again. I already processed the song with winlame and followed all the instructions but the kbps is at 218 instead of 192. Is there a problem with that?
  4. Hey everyone, I'm new here, but I've been a fan of this site for years. I finally made a song so the judges could check it out and filled all the information required, but forgot to attach the song in the email. Should I wait or do I resend the message with the song attached?
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