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  1. Thank you for the info. I shall really look into these aspects you mentioned. I usually prefer composing and producing and designing something rather fast, instead of trying to fine tune everything perfectly, which i should do in order to get better final results. Also about the compression thing (apart from the usual sidechain compression), i never have gotten it completely so i shall look into it now, found couple of videos at SeamlessR's youtube channel which seem to be really helpful on both, Fruity Limiter and Maximus compression. (by the way, the way you emphasize some words with thickening seems to be more pleasant to read for some reason) But yeah, haven't learned it properly yet, and i should and will do it by watching some lessons from the internet, the same way i basically have learned everything i know currently. With the exception of coming here for example and you helping me like now so i thank you again. Do you have any idea why most tracks nowadays then peak over the 0dB limit? And why do they sound so good even still.. for example the mix i made.. As you can see, all the audio files in the dubstep mix go way past 0dB. Edit. I suppose this is apparently called "sausage compression" perhaps? At least i understood it as such from the compression video i have looked now Edit part 2. Tried to get the Pocket limiter. It works on 32-bit FL Studio, but my FLS crashes immediately when i open it on 64-bit and as all my projects take at least 10Gb of Ram which is a standard minimum, i can't use 32-bit ever so it's useless. Edit 3, isn't it funny though how the writing thingie extends over the borders? It comes like that when the big ass picture is there
  2. I also listened to the dubstep remixes you linked. Quite good actually both of them, but personally in dubstep genre, i prefer more "brutal" style, like the tracks on the mix i posted in the 'Making a Mix' topic which i started not so long ago in light of making a "mixtape" on which you also replied. One source of my inspiration in the dubstep stuff. Get angry at life and produce some angry dubstep am i right though embrace the restless feeling by making stuff that changes often and then drink some coffee and become more hyperactive So on Redemption, there i have merely the fruity limiter that is there from the start, Eq 2 for small master tweaking and master level is a bit down on it and stereo enchancer which is unrelated to the matter, On Puzzle i have basically the same stuff but in that project i had a weird invisible compression problem which occurred when i clicked on the master channel but when i clicked any other channel, it vanished. Also i did sidechain the melody for it among the glitch.. it can affect the weirdness too so it seems like the drums do it.. But otherwise the settings are basically same on every track with exception of tweaking, the normal limiter is down there from the start and then i always add parametric eq2 and try to adjust stuff. On Salvation i did have Fruity Compressor and just slightly tweaked gain down. The Fruity limiter which is on master channel seems to make the track a lot more loud.. Oh and on Restless.. i did not like the transition either when the third dnb beat drop starts. merely added a drone and a whip sound basically.. they did not come out sounding that good when it's supposed to drop harder.. i have always had problems with transitions as you pointed out at some point for me That's basically it. Oh and the thing about Drums on Fire not being easy to remember and stuff.. i don't get it why does music have to be easy to remember and the kind that it could be hummed or something so it would be good? Do people necessarily have to get a song stuck in their head so that they would appreciate it? Isn't it more annoying than a good "feature".. i dunno What should i do in order to get the sound right?
  3. Hmm, interesting how you mention that basically every track is overcompressed in some way.. Well there is the Fruity Limiter on the master mixer channel every time i start a new project on which i never touch at all.. might i assume it affects the final result? Occasionally i also just drag down the main level on a single parametric EQ 2 so the sound wouldn't "clip" too much.. i have noticed how many, many tracks nowadays cross the "borders" of the audio file, my stuff included, i'm not quite sure what kind of a effect it has.. This was a picture i captured of one projects audio files when i was pondering the thing i mean. Same track. On the top one the waveform crosses the "borders" a lot, then i tried to "compress" it down so it wouldn't do that. Or is this particular thing called limiting? I'm not sure actually..
  4. Heyy. Produced and composed 5 tracks for an EP publish with a name Orchestral Redemption. Link to the upload: https://shadowraz.bandcamp.com/album/orchestral-redemption-ep I had troubles on some tracks and certain amount of lack of motivation to really focus on these at certain times so this EP has taken like 3 months or so to build whilst i have been making all kinds of other music and stuff. But still tried my best to make good end results apart from just enjoying the composing and designing Would appreciate honest feedback on all the tracks. Haven't published these anywhere else so i still i have opportunity to fix stuff. It's sometimes easier to hear mistakes if someone else points them out rather than noticing them on my own since it is basically a different world to listen as the producer compared to as someone who did not build everything in the track. Isn't it funny though? As in a producer tends to listen some individual stuff on own track, all the parts and sounds somehow separately, individual instruments, sound designs etc, always on which the producer focuses on, but can't somehow just hear it through others ears or even listen to it as a "whole track" so to speak. I can't be the only one who has this kind of thing, since a producer just can't hear own track as someone else, unless they have a freaking memory loss.
  5. Yeah, thought so, saying something like "i don't own these" won't help. Also i'm not planning on making mixtapes often if at all (i usually just repost as in add a link to some tracks i like on my accounts, not making mixes of them and then uploading them) because as i said, i prefer designing and composing my own music the way i want to instead of just putting couple of songs one after another. I'm an individual musician (or at least a producer and composer with virtual instruments and sound designs as according to some people "you can't be a musician if you don't play real instruments" (although i kind of play piano but not effectively for a live performance, only for composing with it more slowly)), not a freaking record label. This is only to share some good tracks for people who might not necessarily know the tracks and some video effect practice for me Good link though, explains quite effectively the point in a short explanation. Did get some copyright claims on the video i was talking about, this: Although, not from every track, merely from 3 tracks. Brutal-ish dubstep mix, for people who like music with heavy, often changing sound designs like myself at certain times depending on the mood. Added all the artists and the tracks name of course, links to their accounts and also the source for the background picture.
  6. Ok so, i have mostly practiced my own composing and producing skills over the years because that is what i prefer to do. Not counting only few of remixes in which i also used audio files, on which i also have composed and produced still, but on a single case i did make a mix of others songs and merely chose the tracks for it and added few effects here and there and chose the point when the songs are changing and stuff. In that mix all the tracks were produced by Arkasia This: Mixed and made a video, just because i like his music and thought it could be fun. Now i did make one more of several artists (Nasko, Deltabot, Panda Eyes, Virtual Riot, Brig, Music Predators) , but i'm not sure what kind of an impact it might have for my account considering copyrights. I know some tracks are strictly denied to republish anywhere (from a single case when i tried to upload Adele - Hello remix) else except on their own appropriate channels. How can i possibly know which are genuinely allowed to use in a mix except basically by trying? So i won't get copyright claims which will jeopardize my account. Anyway, i have made the mix already and rendering the video as i am writing. All the tracks were Free Downloads and i used the opportunity to get them and make a mix out of them so considering that the tracks were free, i assume they are also free to re-publish in a mix as long as i mention the names of the artists, tracks and give links to the artist accounts as i have already saved such draft on wordpad to add as a description for the video. Also i have noticed that some people on youtube add a text like: "I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE SONGS" and stuff like that, but some do not, so can anyone tell me why is that? At least i did write such text on that mix but is it a necessity? For some reason i see it kind of pointless when the tracks are mentioned by full name and links are given in the description. Although i should have given the link to Arkasia by the way in that too.... gonna go edit it now..
  7. Title of the video says a lot, description at Youtube says more. Basically in this video, one can hear the individual sound designs better as i play the drops through without violins, leads or arpeggios melodies.
  8. Agree that it's good to be able to perform everything on your own, being a musician nowadays requires a lot, as there is a lot competition, so knowing how to make a complete track from start to finish is an asset. I have had enormous troubles with mixing and mastering since the day i started producing and composing. I don't know what all causes it, for example if i mix and master basically on the same day or even day or two after that i finish composing, producing and designing the track, i simply won't hear some small details i would have with time. But sometimes it's just lack of skill or even patience to fine tune, and my hearing is selective and ain't the best on my right ear. Gotta work on skill and patience at least. But as far as hearing goes, not much i can do although i have wanted to check my right ear for long time, if there were anything unwanted hard earwax in there since it gets "blocked" occasionally and i seriously can't hear with it as well as with my left ear.. I don't know how much checking my ear would cost though and i already have 1 dentist bill unpaid so it shall wait.
  9. I still think it's quite fascinating how some people use human voice in modern electronic music productions, for example one artist i like, Brig, often has quite similar vocals in many of his (hers?) tracks, yet different, but similar still, (mostly some ooh, aah, ooaaa-u-u-aa etc with lots of echo and sometimes delay perhaps? (or just sang that way) you catch my drift) and it sounds to me that they are often sang by same person (as the voice is extremely similar), might i assume that it could be possible, that it's her own voice (would be hella lot easier to produce what one wants if it was own voice) or it could also be someone with whom he/she often produces music. Or one singer from whom Brig then samples often... i dunno actually.. hard to tell.. Could be playing around with pitch as well with many different singers but the resemblance is uncanny. Check out this EP by Brig and you will hear what i mean What do you think? Brigs own voice? Or someone with whom he/she is in contact with? or sampled from somewhere (perhaps a same singer?) On heartbeat for example there is definitely playing around with pitch a lot but hard to tell is it a man's or a woman's voice... Sounds a lot more woman's voice in chorus at least. The voice is so similar in many tracks by Brig, that i automatically assume it is either Brig herself or someone with whom he/she is in contact with. It's definitely a woman's voice though.. i guess?
  10. Oh man the possibilities with this.. if only had the money
  11. HOLY SHIT; I WANT Edit. Now i got another false copyright claim from the Restless project which was in my Orchestral Redemption EP. Funny thing, i swear i have had this same exact claim at some point before, named WHAM CITY and the claimer is Harry Fox Agency. Of course made an argument counter-claim but i do wonder how can they claim it. I want to test something now. edit. and as i tested uploading the part from which the claim was via screen capture, the same claim did not appear. Weird stuff
  12. Made a tutorial about composing orchestral hits via Action Strikes (Native Instruments) I think this old dying thread of mine would be the best place for me to upload it for you folks too, if it were to help anyone. Here it is:
  13. Ok, here's basically the full version of my recent big project from which all the videos above have also born: Noticed couple of mistakes on it again afterwards which i would have liked to fix before uploading (the growl on orchestral part between first and second drop for example, is too loud or something.. There's something wrong with the DnB part definitely maybe the beat is too boring or something.. and have to practice a lot more on my sound designs, composing, building a good track and then mixing and mastering it properly) but all and all, it's hard to hear the track how others would hear it.. Would appreciate some honest feedback on this. What i should improve?
  14. If only had Hollywood Strings too, i could maybe try out the same, Would be way more modular / tweakable to compose and fine tune anyways although on the good side, Action Strings still sounds kind of delicious in my opinion in certain amounts and is kind of easy to use. By the way, just uploaded an screen capture of the project, did not get a claim on this when i play the orchestral part a little (from 1m20sec point on): Also have composed them violins further with more high pitch lead note modulations towards the end because they too were too repetitive (as were the orchestral drums) compared to Beta version of this track
  15. Well i tend to get these false claims often from the tracks on which i have used Action Strings for them fast staccato violins. Such as now i did get another false claim on my 'Through the Darkness' track (the claim claimed the time between 2:03 - 4:27 which is mostly precisely on the orchestral part), that i uploaded now. I assume many people have used Action Strings to create their orchestral music which causes it to catch into a false match. Now i'm just wondering how did i not see it before when i usually get these copyright claims from the use of Action Strings on my virtual orchestral music, i guess it helped now me to realize this when you said: And the false claims have basically always been from the orchestral parts in which i use it. Thank you for the reply. BUT Still i do compose them on my own them via either trying chords and lead-ish or almost arpeggios style notes on my MIDI keyboard or merely by clicking the notes i want on the piano roll so still it does not explain it fully how they can claim the composition to be copyrighted.. oh well.. the claims have always vanished eventually when i make the response / argument over the false claims.
  16. Ok, just finished rendering the video which took 2 hours (to render i mean, don't even get me started on how long making the video project took, making videos is fun but it's slow af because my pc specs can't handle it that well so tweaking requires time), noticed couple of mistakes on it already but just because of those, i won't immediately re-render the video: firstly on the video itself, the disc jumping on the kicks is out of sync towards the end (it is more difficult than you might think to get it jump on kicks), have to fix it and also 3-D render the texts as they look kind of simple, also make the "green flames" move more as they go on way too "straight line" so to speak, at least got the particles about good and the spinning disc with audio spectrum), secondly and more importantly, on the track itself i noticed that the piano melody on the orchestral part cuts out short before the second drop comes along.. oops.. How did i not notice that before.. oh well.. this is the Beta version: I will also indeed make a third drop for this. Enormous project already, i will make it even larger and fine tune it more. Edit. noticed more mistakes: The growl on the orchestral part also cuts out short, apparently i forgot piano and growl totally whilst trying to make a proper build up, used too much filter on the guitar lead on the second drop which sounds weird, too repetitive orchestral drums for the build up. Ugh.. i have lots of stuff to fix on that track. Well, all in a days work huh.
  17. Thank you. Really appreciate the words. Actually been at it (full long version in the form of single track) for couple of days straight via long marathon sessions on FL Studio, fun times. First just composed new chords and notes (for leads and sound designs) and started making it on top of the part. 2 project under the name Night part. 3, but after a while, i had to change the name to me more suitable for the vibe of the track, more or less. I will upload full song Beta test soon enough (but for example there ain't much of a difference in second drop, and by the way fun fact.. i was actually almost going for making a DnB beat for the second part but did not do it). It's just i'm not 100% satisfied with it yet. I was thinking of making a third part for the song and go for a enormous track, might as well because the full version already is basically the biggest project i have ever had. Maybe i should not even consider uploading Beta test.. but go for the full thing.. but then again.. i could upload the Beta to youtube first for example and then continue the track and upload the full long version to CDBaby as a single. Yes i will definitely do just that. Three drops and verses on a single track, and all of them different yet still following the basic chord structure. I will make a DnB beat for the third part. I too enjoy good drum and bass music
  18. Ok, so, as i was starting part.3 in the part.2 project, wanted to fix couple of minor things. Also it truly does seem like the track sounds different (better i would say, more or less) within the project, compared to the final render, and that difference truly baffles me. Just took a screen capture of it, this is what night part.2 drop looks like and sounds like really when in the making (apart from the use of ASIO4ALL compared to FL Studio ASIO which is on this video and the loudness of one particular growl, fun game: can you spot the growl i mean? made it hella louder and took off sidechain so that the kick would not cover it?): What do you think?
  19. Hey guys, i would appreciate feedback on my new dubs, asked around at DSF but they did not seem to be willing to even listen to my tracks nor anyone from social medias (0 plays apart from 1 view on part 2 when i checked everything was ok in it myself) So i came here with my dubs, to ask opinion. Worked really hard and tried to put some real effort into the tracks (even though made both during these wake hours as i am awake now and can't sleep for some reason even if i have been up for like well way over 24 hours), personally i like them adequately even though i'm not huge on self-compliments. Of course noticed few things i would have wanted to fix before i uploaded them but oh well, i was already thinking of part 3, was bloody fun times producing these: Went nuts on sound designs for the drops (and dag up few old designs such as the lead from one of my earlier tracks 'Pump it' etc also composed it in similar style as in my previous epicstep track), as you can hear, maybe there's too much stuff going on, but then again, i like it, somehow it's fun to produce and even listen. May i ask the opinions of you? Also composed a really basic sustain violin ensemble chords for intro (chords based on drop chords so a lot easier after making the drops apart from couple of extra notes for lead-ish violin) with the addition of arp to bring more content for intro still. And then slowly fading in the beats and one growl on both. On first part the beat is really basic as it was originally a sound design project and i just made a quick beat to test the sound designs better, but had to continue with the track. On second part i tried to put a lot more effort for building a track rather than some test thingie. I don't know what it is for me to start piling up sounds on top of each other and one after another that go trough rather fastly and it may sound, well, odd for others i suppose, but it soothes me for some reason. Anyways, any honest feedback would be appreciated. Too harsh to listen? unbalanced? any mixing and mastering advice? Also as a reminder, i truly did produce those today and most likely if i were to spend several days on those, they would be better, but these aren't for some record label, no (have tried twice to sent demos a loong time ago and as they were shitty, no wonder labels would not want to support me on making music that people don't like), these are mostly just me having fun and practicing and wanting to share what i accomplished still if someone else were to appreciate the music still, and even better, if i could get some advice on which i agree upon and can become a better producer. Only if i were to really fine tune a similar track or either of these or make similar on the basis, then i could maybe sent them somewhere.. or not..
  20. I too, thank you for this useful information. Basically have gotten all the answers i was looking for by this thread. By the way, just searched public domain definition https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_domain Interesting, i have one project which is still work in progress phase, in which the piano melody is based on Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven (the basic piano melody structure but composed new chords for it), i will of course mention it in the description and according to this, it's totally legit to get inspired by or remix or whatever, Beethoven. It will be basically orchestral track: But currently i was thinking of making several versions, you know dubstep, maybe even house version. I do love making all sorts of music though, fun times ain't it. People, do not get limited into single genres when DAW producing allows to make em all. Go with the flow
  21. Ok so as long as i won't make profit out of the song, it's all good? After all i don't intend to profit from the song anyways if it's not permitted and would be a "bootleg" (never have i ever profited from any of my music anyway) BUT i could take the vocals out for another version and then "sell" the track as other sounds are totally my own designs and it is my composition otherwise except the vocal chops which are kind of my composition too as they aren't in their original form, i kind of re-composed them, as you can hear, the singing does not go like " We, we don't have to worry 'bout nothing'Cause we got the fire, and we're burning one hell of a somethingThey, they gonna see us from outer space, outer spaceLight it up, like we're the stars of the human race, human race " It goes more like:"i-ee aa-u-i-ee, u-a-a aa-a fyyyaa, bass, satsumaa" had to search meaning of Bootleg: In EDM, and possibly other music genres as well, bootleg is a term used for a remix of a song in which the producer made the remix using only the original song in its finished condition. This differs from a traditional remix in that in a remix (not a bootleg), the producer has access to the individual tracks (vocal, bass, melody, etc.) that make up the original song and uses them to create the remix. I have never bootlegged according to that explanation (i did do couple of mashups a long time ago but they aren't bootlegs either) I have only made remixes and used only vocals in them. Scratch that, i did in fact make a bootleg, kind of, when making the Adele - Hello remix and recently started making more music around the original Celine Deon feat Lindsey Stirling - Show must go on 2 versions of Habanero for publishing, one with and one without vocals Also about the vocal stems then, i was going to contribute to the Spinnin' remix contest via Madi - Touch remix but the timeline went far past, so i should not continue the track and publish it anymore as it is not permitted to be published anyway because the contest is over? Or can i still finish it and publish it?
  22. I prefer to be clear about certain amount of rights so i will add it to description, but maybe not feat as they aren't direct vocals added as they are in the form of original singing, more or less, and it does take certain amount of effort to slice the vocals, find the right pitch, and adding them to "correct" spots in the song so that they would fit to the music. Still i did not sang them myself (my voice would just sound shitty as hell) so description is good. I assume i would have to ask Ellie Goulding for the permission, one does not simply randomly ask from someone popular: "can i use your voice in my track for chopping some letters in high pitch?" Also can people make remixes without asking anyways? Assuming that they do get the copyright thing on youtube, then i assume it's legit at that point since the "profit" from the videos would go to the original artist as well and it's clear that it is a remix and the original name is on the title By the way, for example when Spinnin' Records remix contest supplies vocals for the remix, have they then given the permission to use them? And this traces back to the original purpose of this thread a.k.a speeches, should i have asked Penn & Teller, Carl Saga (deceased), Emma Watson, Creators of Jak & Daxter (whoever voiced Samos) etc the permission to use their voice on some of my tracks.. And on that i got the answer, that yes i should have. If i were complained about something that is not permitted, at that point i would take it down though (such as the moment i took down the Adele - Hello remix which is the only remix from me that was totally declined (except in soundcloud but i took it down there too on my own because i assumed it wasn't right to have it there either)) Personally still i prefer making sound designs and composing with virtual instruments totally and not adding some ready to go samples at all (apart from few crashes and couple of effects here and there that also sometimes require some additional reverb or side-chaining, by the way, designing effects on Massive for example is totally more tweakable and one can design cooler effects too anyway even though it is virtually impossible to try to create a crash (you know drum set type of crash).. i guess.. haven't tried though, maybe it could be done with certain amount of effort though, for example checking out the waverform of a crash and trying to get something similar in Serum)
  23. Well yes. I will by all means add the name of the acapella to description to be clear about that. Not sure should i even feat her which one would be correct? it doesn't matter all and all, as long as i can make what i want in the form of music as i mostly do anyways, but in this case adding vocal chops and then publish the track. Last question: Feat or Description in case like this?
  24. Did not get any copyright claims on this either: Try to guess who's vocals i used? This is an easy one.. i suppose.. or not.. depending on the listeners familiarity with the singer. edit. I think my main question would be: should a producer provide the name of the original singer who's vocals are chopped in the song? Even if there aren't direct copyrights violated per se. What if there are several different vocals? Should they all be on feat or description? Personally i can already answer how i see it at the moment: If the vocals aren't chopped until the point they are nothing like the original and are basically random or something, the producer should then tell the singer of course in the form of feat as the producer did not sing them so the singer should get recognition, but if they are basically nothing like the singer sang anymore and are series of letters "sang" one after another and pitch is different on the vocals, then it is not necessarily required to "feat" singers, maybe not even necessarily to start rambling on, on the description about it although maybe i would.. ? but should i? For example when i upload that full track to somewhere (second drop will be ridiculous by the way, i will make it my life's mission to design a lot of stuff into it (for example try to come up with cool new sound designs as i have re-used some Serum patches over and over nowadays (although in this one i did design couple of sounds in Zebra2 already, but have re-used the old serum designs because they sound cool already and it's easier to build new music fast (along with the mood or flow or whatever) with old sound designs rather than design new ones for every single track) but will still try to keep some balance in them), so should i mention the vocals that i chopped in the description at least? (no need to guess anymore from whom they are though, as no one wanted to: Ellie Goulding - Burn (acapella) chopped and hella lot) Also now imagine the possibilities when a producer can basically take any vocals and turn them into singing vocals.. more or less.. although it helps when it is already singing so they are much more tonic..? You know some vowels are prolonged properly and stuff without the need for some weird stretching etc)
  25. Well, i agree that a track can truly lose it's originality by adding those audio clips. I have kind of marketed my music.. i guess.. what does marketing mean anyways? but they have been for free.at first in Bandcamp (although started up on uploading couple of my first and recent EP's for distribution and they did not have any options for free distribution so they be costing money at iTunes, Amazon, Google Play) So i shall basically leave them out on my upcoming music, especially if they are more instrumental (virtual instruments) than electronic (dubstep, house etc) anyways. Fun fact: i found a speech generator online for free, Alter/Ego (Daisy voice) plugin which allows quite accurate pronunciation of English words, although some weirdness in some words as it sounds like some last letters are left out (if something ends with t for example) and s's are weird and it's still pretty robotic even though it's more humane than some speech generators. Also i kind of hate hearing my own voice so speaking something myself into the music seems odd, even though i did do it on Shade. Should most likely just leave out all the words and speeches. Into another matter which is related to this: using slicex (for example) to slice up some vocals and adding them all high pitch and stuff, a demonstration of what i mean: I suppose it isn't copyright protected, even if one were to use something that is copyrighted to make them (in that video i used the acapella which i got from the Spinnin' Records contest thingie) as they sound almost nothing like the original song/singing (therefore of course did not get the copyright claim for Spinnin' Records, which i got for the remix in which i used the same vocals as they are, at youtube, which was genuine, but on that clip did not get), they be more like random letters one after another so no wonder that it did not get copyright claim.
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