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  1. By the way man, Zebra2 seems cool for sound designs, although a lot more complicated than Serum, so there is a lot to learn in order to know how to use it properly and get most out of its properties, but what can one expect from a sound design plugin that is extremely modifiable. 4 (draw your own option on them too) oscillators and a shit ton of options to add filters/effects and whatnot on the grid, and linking them and stuff. One of the main concerns for me is the macro control, i'm just not quite familiar with that kind of design as usually it's more easy 'drag and drop to the selected knob' type of situation, i prefer that one on serum and massive but this plugin has it's own perks. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4hdsx4 that's just me messing around with the sound design of this night, honestly, i have no idea what i'm doing with zebra2 yet, well other than the basic functions that are familiar from other sound design plugins already, so many knobs that have functions, i'm not even sure how the linking works on the grid on the middle, now i've just moved them around and all of a sudden their linked to each other.. what..
  2. Never do i use 32-bit FL myself, usually the project requires much more RAM itself than the 4Gb 32-bit limit, the bridges are automatic when opening new channel on channel rack. Most likely patcher would allow preventing bridges but then everything would play at the same time unless mapped into different MIDI color thingie.. only did i realize while writing that, one can simply layer up sounds via patcher rather easily.. But just tested opening up 3 Serums on patcher, they are still in bridge so it can help layer up a lot but does not help bridges. Got to look into this Zebra2, you so eagerly advertise
  3. By the way, check out the bridges, had to took a small screen capture while i was rendering Daylight (with today's fixes, got the sound to be surprisingly bright yet balanced and also some sound design fixes and stuff) and monitoring via task manager moments ago: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4f57f2 There are a lot of them, Luckily, i have 24Gb of Ram, so that does not usually create problems even if i had many Serum's and Kontakt 5's in the project, it's always the CPU that's messing with me. Well whatever, someday when i'm wealthier, i will upgrade my motherboard to support 4 freaking Intel Xeons, (the motherboard ain't nothing compared to the price of 4 freaking xeon processors, i was unable to pay up Intel I7 (500€) properly not so long ago which also runs now with the box cooler so it's kind of loud, and... so... how about four, freaking thousanaire (get it? as in millionaire but having thousands instead of a million(s)) processors... Someday, i wish. Would make video processing hella lot easier too, not just music production.)) or something that's more powerful and good option at that point.
  4. Ok cool, have to check it out. By the way in relation to the topic, Sunshine EP, i just wanted to make a fun little mini side project from 'Daylight' via making the second drop as a dubstep version Turned out.. well not great, but it's something.. maybe should have left the house saws in this version too or something.. but it also sounded weird, original beat and design fits better.. well of course as i build the designs and chords in it. So this is a really rough, ready in a couple of minutes thingie, compared to the original design Also tried to focus on the video
  5. Man.. i have no idea where i can find such tool in Fl Studio 12? never have i found it necessary but it could help maybe.. Important question about it though! Does it help at all for the CPU load? Also check this out, as you said Daylight cut out short, started making the extended version with all new sound designs and chords (but still using some of the same designs too because it's the same song still and the basic structure remains about the same even though the chords are different and stuff.): Too messy already? Especially the second drop? Serum is freaking eating out my CPU though, i have rendered so many sounds to the playlist already and turned off those channels after that, and on that video i also turned off several sounds (Serum layers mostly) that will be on the final render though. Serum is really tough on cpu even though it is one of the best sound design plugins for my use at least. For the second build-up i chose to go with orchestral drums (because i freaking love making orchestral drums for build-ups or even as an ongoing beat) Also, on the track Sunshine (which was the easiest track of these 3, maybe even too simple.. noticed that one reverb delay piano on the verse was cut out short and maybe too quiet so i fixed that already and tried to enhance the build up slightly with a couple of octaves rising snare and some other hissing sound risers, have to try to fix something good into it, also the deep house bass line was peaking and sounded uneven, will also take out me counting to 4 vocal clip on Shade, maybe even take out couple of other vocals?? i dunno)
  6. Check this out by the way, this is how Shade looks like as a quick sum up: The amount of stuff in the second drop is hilarious. Went just nuts whilst making it. Still learning to make good Deep House bass lines etc though. The sound design of a good deep house bass line ain't as easy as one could think it is. Also I'm not an expert on lead designs yet either, but the verse lead is Serum design with me just messing around with the drawing tool (a.k.a. modify the wave table yourself), also the more quiet lead on the drop (more noticeable on the first drop) is a basic sylenth 1 saw lead i designed and added some vibrato in it. Had to render at least one drone and the solo violin into playlist on second drop because my CPU could not handle everything anymore. Also used one old lead in it which i did not design myself in this case but is rather from some vandalism pack or something that i picked up from the times when i studied some other peoples projects. Also added a bit of this and that, basic high pitch glide saw beep design on serum, whistle sound (i have used whistle sound often), one massive drone design from old projects, growls and drones from serum (on this case most of them were also from my other old design projects, i love serum on sound designs though, have designed quite many sounds already i prefer to use often again) and then yes, there are those 3 layer saw melodies and deep house bass lines. I have added the sword sound effect rather often for some reason on my music.. it's kind of exciting small easy tension bringer in my opinion but should come up with something new all the time, effects you know... Maybe there truly are too many vocals in that drop, they do not sound that good all and all. but kind of do still.. Or maybe should replace them truly with other sound designs, for example when making something similar in the future as i enjoyed making so many sounds on a drop. OR maybe adding even more vocals look at all the options one has. But maybe the vocals aren't that good as you pointed out.
  7. Yes, i will try to fix few things on the entire EP and transitions (and already did couple of things on Shade and Sunshine but nothing final yet i guess) before the finalized loudr upload and also decided to make Daylight longer for more exclusive upload, as in make slightly different second verse and drop. It will take some time though, but i guess it doesn't matter all and all. If i were to make more exciting & different build-ups for all, then it will take also more time and become even more different. I'll just have to try and see what i can manage to come up with I'm not saying that i didn't enjoy making the tracks (even said that had my fun making these on the description in Bandcamp), nor that i made them only for some audience, and would have rather made only orchestral, but, i do prefer making orchestral at certain points more even still, at least nowadays.. don't know.. moods change rather often.. whatever. I will keep on keeping on making all sorts of genres as i enjoy making them all. Music is awesome. By the way, that's a cool remix song, like the panning and all, really easy on the ears with my headphones as in mixing and mastering seem to be cool too. Awesome over-all structure. Have tried to listen to the details you mentioned on the song and other stuff as well. The ye olde timey slap bass type of sound on chorus is exciting, not sure is it slap bass even but it's cool and the piano is quite fascinating.
  8. Thank you for the reply. I do truly have improving to do with my transitions or also on "build-ups" as you said, as well as on everything else. Do you have any particular advice on this matter? As in what i should do to make them more exciting? Like snare rolls as you said.. and maybe adding some other pitch/frequency rising sounds? Fixed the description with ("...containing 3 house/trance tracks... blah blah..) the appropriate genre as you pointed out. I'm not that eager to classify music into super "precise" genres sometimes myself so i might make mistakes categorizing them, i prefer just making what i can and releasing them. Although some correct terms always help. Even though i have tried to mostly follow the same basic chord structure (on saw wave melody chords mostly in this EP) throughout the entire track structure (otherwise it would be ridiculously different on several parts of the track sometimes), there should be more modulations during it and especially more exciting build-ups that inform the listener something like "now for the drop" rather than being repetitive and boring. The drops should maybe follow some other chords or notes compared to verse, BUT on the other hand, it should not so it can be one track and not "several" so to speak.. even read on the internet (from several sources) that the melody or lead should be easy to remember.. but then again... i do not like too much repetitive stuff anyways myself so maybe i should compose something totally new for the drop, on the target track 'Sunshine' on this matter for example, if i were to want to make good EDM music.. it's rather controversial though as i wrote.. maybe it's personal, maybe it's not On 'Shade' i did in fact filter out bass (this time mostly with DJMfilter rather than other basic EQ filters (Parametric EQ 2 or Love philter) and filtered out also the saw melody in the 2:36-2:39 point when i started making the "orchestral" part in relation to the vocal meaning in it (made some basic piano, staccato chord violins, pizzicato and legato violins for lead etc).. If you know what i mean. As in sometimes i would rather compose / make orchestral music but sometimes it seems like i should make other types of music (EDM) as well, in relation to my mood and what other people would want to hear themselves also, not just what i would want to make.
  9. Tried to go upload my music directly to CD Baby, but it said (when read some stuff) that they wouldn't distribute them anywhere else except their own site UNLESS i paid ridiculously huge amount of money, like 50€ for a pro account. SO went ahead and started uploading my new EP to Loudr again as they are free. The amount of things that cost in this world.. seriously though.. even soundcloud pro account be like 8€ a month or something like that, what the fuck. edit. decided to upload my music still first to CD Baby, because Loudr focuses on cover songs and my stuff are original even if they do not distribute my music to the other usual places (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc). Maybe if i can afford soon enough, i will buy the Pro account because it's a one time payment and then i can upload through CD Baby directly always.
  10. I would really appreciate some opinions and even better, advice. Uploaded those exact audio files yesterday to loudr for distribution, but as the cover art had the release date, it wasn't approved and just opened the cover project, took it off minutes ago and changed it in the site, but now can only re-finalize it again in the next 24 hours (can't immediately), which allows me to fix some mistakes on the music too if necessary, before they go to Spotify etc and can't change them anymore. I will test the music today myself once more if changes are necessary, but outside opinions/advice would help.
  11. So basically, let's just say i used lines from Penn and Teller show, i should take them out and publish the music i made without them? Since i did not get permission from Penn and Teller to use those clips? And i'm talking about this track: https://shadowraz.bandcamp.com/track/shade On the second drop towards the end. As you can hear, i used several other speech audio clips from several different places also in it. Should i just cut them out and add something else, other sound designs (more dubstep sounds or leads) for example? what about on this? Carl Saga's "It is only a tiny part, of the worlds, yet untold" clip. Should i just take it out and re-publish? Did not get any copyright thingies from it though. By the way, fun fact: Clark Kent used the same speech on his Yinyues - Cosmos Remix
  12. Ok so here's 3 of my recent house tracks that i decided to publish. Added them just minutes ago, link to bandcamp: https://shadowraz.bandcamp.com/album/sunshine-ep I would appreciate honest to god feedback, no matter how much you would stomp down my shit, only that way i will learn to be better if it is true.
  13. You guys know how EDM music nowadays usually has those "tension" pauses into which people (myself included), tend to add some small vocals or yells, just people saying something (usually) or something similar? it does bring certain kind of.. content or a message into the track itself beyond just music, but it can also "ruin" some stuff in my opinion.. So i am constantly struggling to choose whether to add some of those small speeches or not. I do want to add them sometimes IF they are of some value in it and carry a meaning but if i am forcing them (as in searching some vocal pack through for something random), the nit seems.. well... odd.. How do other people hear them like yourselves? Anyways, did add shit ton of small "speeches" to a recent track.. Just wondering about it.. Of course i should do what i want but still i wonder this For example i recorded myself snapping coins into a mug and table, and then added it as a effect, and also recorded me counting to four etc.. those are at least totally my own, but adding something like Carl Saga's speech (Peace part.1), Clip from Jak and Daxter's intro (My shitty old 'Of a new day' track which i should delete or remake 8especially the "drop"), Clip from Psychonauts (Whatever).. is that like.. wrong..? And even more importantly, do they sound good at all or would it be better to stick with only instrumental throughout the track and with other sound designs?
  14. Today is the day i'm about to drop my house ep and got slightly concerned about copyrights again in advance (for example just like a week ago or so the last copyright of my last EPs song 'Prototype' went away BUT it said the claimer did not check it and that's the reason.. so.. does it mean that if i uploaded the song again it would pop up once more, the same false claim? well whatever i still made the track and i do own the rights to it. I also remembered a site i read earlier on.. http://www.complex.com/music/2013/04/6-steps-to-take-if-your-music-has-been-stolen/wait-for-the-song-to-become-successful "Wait For the Song to Become Successful" "This might not make sense to you, but if a song comes out with your work sampled, it’s up for sale, and it’s on a major label, they will likely try to get an appropriate license and pay you. The bigger the song, the more leverage you have, which likely means more money for you. It's great press, too. I know video guys that had their data used without their permission for commercials, and they got sizable checks once they reached out and said “hey you didn’t have paperwork for that." But if you start screaming before the record is commercially released, they might just axe it and you might not get anything. Your bargaining power increases if you wait and the song becomes successful. Don't wait too long, though. The statute of limitations to bring a civil suit is three years" Now that is something to think about, and a good enough reason for me to publish my music in peace. Not just time stamps and the actual projects and memory for doing it (if i were to prove something), but this too. As in i would get money and maybe even some headlines (as in great press i suppose?) about my music being stolen which equals to good type of fame for me, and really bad for the thief. Feel good man. No worries about this matter anymore. Just wanted to share the site with you folks as well if you ever get paranoid. If there was someone stealing my composition or yours, those folks are practically digging their own graves since eventually it will most likely be noticed and therefore they have ruined their reputation. How to find it out is another story though unless the track is extra popular and it would pop up to the original artist somewhere. Although, someone nice would most likely give the heads up, or someone ignorant of the truth (or worse if someone knew the truth but is emotionless empty human shell and wants to benefit or otherwise cause misery but then again why would that person claim it when it is supposed to stay a secret i suppose?) would claim the original maker for stealing the imposter's stuff and at that point, the original artist would be informed about the imposter and then take appropriate actions.. Anyways, gonna release my EP for free as i'm not a popular artist nor are the tracks professional level compositions / productions (so who the hell would want to spend their money to download them ;D ), and even though i have spent time and effort into these tracks, for the sake of the persons, who like my music already (got over 50 followers on Soundcloud already and 40 in Youtube) and possible new people who like the new stuff, i don't want them to think that i only do my music because of money. It's not like that at all. Of course i'm hoping i would maybe someday earn living from it (which might be impossible) but until that day comes, it's free for the people who appreciate them at all in the first place
  15. By the way, i have a question about this. As I am not a professional on mixing and mastering (and far from it as my final mixdown of my productions can be rather.. well not just professional), and because i have to export the project with 16bit int (still 512-point sinc though) if i want to test the track on my car hifi as i have kind of a cheap player that can't play high bit rates even though kind of good speakers there, i sometimes have settled for it for the internet upload too. But nowadays i also have exported the 32bit floats from FLS, and the thing is, i haven't noticed super big differences between these two types of wav files anyways.. maybe.. Can you guys really see some huge differences between those two?
  16. Ok, so i would like to ask a question about labels then, let's say it's utterly useless to publish music on my own as not many are there to listen to them except some loyal fans that have stumbled upon my stuff. So should i not publish my music online on my own, but rather send them directly into a label as demos? Do you guys have any suggestions where to i should send my music as in what label would want / accept my productions? I need help seriously, i have no idea how to proceed For example I posted a release date of my next EP in the form of my today's photoshop picture work, ( This ) You can also hear some short unfinished clips, if you want, of the three songs on the EP HERE or one of them in this VIDEO BUT note they are all in much better condition already and different especially the youtube video one 'Daylight' So anyways, either you checked those or not, should i not release them at all on my own? i just continued Daylight and got it in much better condition basically than i had the original design even already and was thinking that maybe even some label would like it as house music and EDM are quite popular. Although i will still most likely upload the music into bandcamp for example and CD Baby, but i don't know.. edit. Well now that i've listened to them tracks several times on the EP, they aren't that good anyways even though are unfinished even still so.. i will just post them, if people like them, good, if not, too bad. Got like 11 days to finish them, can handle it and still i am making other stuff as well everyday. I prefer making orchestral music though Also: There i was, just trying to sleep but as i couldn't, for some reason this reply popped into my head out of nowhere, and then felt the urge to tell how i would most likely react if i ever stumbled upon my composition being used under a different name as in if someone claimed they composed and produced it themselves (for clarification not just re-posted or re-uploaded as those would be good if my name popped up a.k.a. credit is given or it wouldn't be still serious if they used the music in some video as background or something but didn't remember or see point to mention my name, still the second one would be kind of.. well whatever): First up i would contact them directly see if it helps, but if it doesn't work, i would freaking ruin that claimers reputation by spamming how disgusting that person is everywhere all angry and stuff (although some like to be infamous so have to take that in account to not succumb into that kind of will), and i mean everywhere, i would haunt him/her until he would take down my stuff or give the credit to me. Find out who he/she really is and well maybe sue depending on the seriousness of the situation but most likely it will never come to that point.. or yeah.. just getting into contact with the service hosting to take it down as the other ways would be over-reacting and waste of time.. Much more peaceful way anyways rather than starting a internet war or getting involved into some law suits. But most likely (i hope) it won't even come to that, as in no one will try to steal my compositions anyways, even when i have my music in better shape somewhere in the future.
  17. For all i know, most expensive and good looking(-ly advertised) might not be the best choice always, depending on the sources reliability and the quality of equipment for example and skill they have had the opportunity to put unto their library samples (recording, instruments and the players of the instruments, structure of the program itself etc), but they still might be, because sometimes they are expensive for a reason, as they are made expensively but not always. Don't trust brand marks and ads kids (and this does not limit to vst matter). Imagine if you first spent enormous amount of your savings / money into a orchestral vst you are excited over and then after getting it, got disappointed of it as it was nowhere near what you needed/wanted to be able to make what you want to and can do and can't get refund nor afford a new one.. Not cool. not cool at all... So do your research boys before getting involved into huge invests. Youtube is full of video reviews for example and those do usually (not always) show what they are like and would you like it and need it for your compositions. And there are demos of plugins and other options to test stuff you know.. Of course as stated by others already, there are also skill and creativity required (among other requirements) to compose and arrange orchestra by yourself, not just having some good sample pack, BUT it also plays (can't stress enough) an enormous part for being able to arrange realistic stuff the way you want to. You still seem to have good idea what you are doing so if you feel like it yourself, yes you should at least consider and look into new stuff most definitely. Personally i know i would need new stuff, for new better stuff, but i can also already produce with the stuff i have and try to practice and produce new music stuff until i can get the new stuff and stuff.
  18. Ok, just read that Loudr is in contact with CD Baby directly so what's the point of publishing my music through some other site when i could send it straight to CD Baby? And also seems like Loudr still focuses heavily on cover licensing, and as my compositions are my own it's rather pointless to upload through Loudr isn't it? Or are there any other factors in it compared to uploading directly to CD Baby? http://diymusician.cdbaby.com/musician-tips/how-to-copyright-your-music/ "It saves you few HUNDRED bucks..." Man prices of everything are ridiculous as if someone even in middle-class had even one hundred of currency (euro and dollar value ain't hugely different although still are 12 cents apart) laying around waiting to be used for some copyright and don't even get me started on getting better equipment and software (libraries) and how much they cost. Luckily that article also states the time stamp feature, when i post my music online it was posted through my account first, everything else (possibly) from it came after that, and even better, i have the project file(s) (sometimes i do save several progressions of the track as a backup and even as a progress reminder sometimes for myself and they might come in handy also if someone were to try to truly claim my composition as theirs) So it is not necessarily necessary to get the legal copyright thingy i guess? But if someone were to post it still into their things and if they were to get something big by using it while i get nothing, it would be kind of awkward though but still at least it would help them which would of course be good and would not hurt one bit for me and them, except if they didn't give credit at all to me, the original composer. Actually there are many sides to this also. Credit, profit.. i don't know. Life is hard. Maybe i should not publish anything at all to anywhere until some label would accept it for example? And I could get my shit upright finally...? Or, was thinking about uploading my next house heavy EP straight to CD Baby and ask even a prize for the music (or not, because who would want to pay for my music anyways when i'm basically practicing and have only few people who wanted to download them for free?) because i really need to consider getting my wanted musical career ongoing as i got bills hella lot and i still would want to live humane enough to be happy and not get into some soul sucking factory job again which would cause me to become an alcoholic most likely as i would feel extremely uncomfortable working there although not sure still, have to consider the options but still i would die mentally in a similar job as last one.
  19. Well i do like to still practice and have my own fun and try to put some emotion into it while making the music and then just get it out there for the people that would enjoy them even if there aren't but few. BUT still i have countless ideas, basically endless when improvising fully that i haven't done yet and on which i haven't had the opportunity to make either considering the amount of virtual instruments for example. And starting to get too strict as in something like "i will sue you" serious feels dumb even if someone took the audio file and used it in their stuff (i would not mind it at all, actually that also would be good thing if they aren't claiming it to be their own composition though), and also if i were able to help someone in their own productions with direct lessons or as i have had inspiration from other artists also just by listening, that would still bring one type of of happiness. Although directly stealing the music instead of having inspiration/motivation from it or making still something different out of the basic idea, and then if someone were to call it as their own, that would be still really awkward and worthy of proper actions to prevent it. That's my main point mostly.
  20. @Skrypnyk If you aren't interested to read that all, at all, mostly i would want to know does uploading my music directly into loudr.fm give me the copyright so that people would not actually be able to steal my music directly in certain amounts at least and call it their own? Or should i make music and not even upload them and try to send them to some labels until something goes through and is worthy to listen? And by the way, SoundCloud as a controversial matter to your "common creative license" has proven me entirely different thing evem though i did not quite get what you mean: I once made a remix of Adele - Hello, and i was able to upload it to soundcloud but i got madly declined in youtube and then deleted the whole thing from SC as well. I actually trust youtube more than soundcloud BUT soundcloud only provides easier way to upload audio files compared to the fact that i have to make a video for youtube. Although i actually like it also.now that i made an "standard background" in photoshop and i can add the audio waveform for visual greatness. More effort though but i don't mind
  21. I actually have wondered this from time to times also. For example yesterday i made a piano melody on this rather quickly (first part with the arpeggios type of melody): And i'm not quite sure have i heard something dangerously similar at some point in all of my years of music listening. I would also appreciate if you knew the exact name and linked a composition that has that kind of piano melody. Piano melodies are quite common to have that kind of sound are they not though? As in left hand plays some rather repetitive 3-4 note arpeggios while other plays high pitch "lead" notes with right hand Inspiration is good but copying compositions directly is bad IF one does not credit the original
  22. Actually i did not understand the first part of your reply fully, but mostly maybe? As in did you mean that as i have created it and have the project file safe, i have the copyrights of it, but can't affect someone still using it copyright free on youtube uploads of their own for example until i'm in a label? What is common license from soundcloud? And i did ask in the original message does uploading to loudr.fm do the copyright on youtube for example or do labels do it only? You said is loudr.fm such service? or.. i don't know.. I'm really out of the loop on these copyright things. I like to just create and compose my music and upload it and even the composing and designing part i sometimes do way too fast as i don't usually have any greater purpose for it other than own fun and possibly someone else enjoying it maybe when i upload it? So fine tuning properly with time and making a lot more music is the key to go further in being a "famous" musician? That might be one part of it of course, but no matter how much i spent time and effort on making them it doesn't matter if i only upload it to my account and if no one knows about it, it's useless to even upload is it not? Or for example especially as not being well known name, someone just listening to my song and then ripping off the composition / design idea by making a better one out of the basic original idea and then claiming it also as their own and maybe even getting further with it as they know their ways around being social and getting their brand out or something? Having some profit still from all the hours and effort spent would give greater purpose also as living costs like hell and good software and hardware to produce with better stuff cost even more, and soon enough i would be forced back into a job in which i would not enjoy being in. Also about the image thing, you know how those famous musicians (not only limited to musicians on this one but also famous people in general) get their name out there somehow? and then just keep their name up on peoples minds also and when people think about them, they usually support them more easily as they are the ones they remember with their great image and people remembering them and their names and face and stuff. And how much that image does affect how much people like them and talk about them.. i could actually think and write about this matter a lot more, but i am getting seriously off topic already and i am writing this particular image part after the ending words on this novel message and at this part of this message it seems kind of misplaced but whatever Actually having inspiration versus copying also has many sides now that i thought about it for example, i of course also have had some inspiration out of some existing artists, but haven't we all? On some dubstep sound designs i have listened to Panda Eyes and Virtual Riot for example to get basic ideas how some dubstep music sound designs sound like, on house music some already existing stuff from several producers, on Orchestral music i have listened to several artists also such as Audiomachine and Two Steps From Hell and Hans Zimmer etc, and for example the basic idea to compose solo violin leads combined with modern EDM originated from adorable Lindsey Stirling but still usually i'm trying to avoid direct copying and have new own ideas, even on the basic "genre" and especially on the composing part fully (just hitting some chords and notes on MIDI or clicking and dragging notes on piano roll with mouse until it sounds about right) unless i'm making a remake.. actually now this is starting to go into other topic How do you guys avoid accidental plagiarism when composing? But you probably get what i mean. Actually i would kind of be proud if someone had some inspiration or motivation from me also but if i were to want to proceed as a musician, i should be successful first on it myself and have a "live-able" happy life situation. Think about it, if instrumental composers were to get people to start changing their music style back into instrumental and orchestral music from repetitive vocal heavy, party house music... well.. anyways.. Haven't stumbled upon my tracks still anywhere else under someone else's name so that i should contact anyone about them and as my earlier shit have been shit, who would even want to steal them Should i start limiting out my old shit? as in just delete them all to get better skill image for myself? And focus on making new better music, orchestral as a standalone or hybrid with something, modern EDM as standalone or combined with orchestral and stuff, and then only upload them as fine tuned and not hurried? ---- Don't know if you have patience to read all that but basically in a nutshell i asked couple of questions i would want to know an answer to at the start, and then started rambling on about inspiration, copyright, image and motivation and about my other personal shit.
  23. Also i have a question about the loudr.fm Will it also get me a copyright on my songs? For example if i go straight there to upload my new music first, does it get it copyrighted to me, or does youtube for example do it automatically or something? For example as i have made music for years already and uploaded them one by one to my youtube and soundcloud accounts but haven't done anything else for them, therefore i have had these certain moments when i have felt like that someone were stealing my productions through those youtube converters or whatever and claiming them as their own, and that is one of those feelings that makes me feel disgusted about humanity if it were true. Am i just being paranoid about it? Or can it be true as people with the anonymity of internet can be cruel I have witnessed first hand people downloading my music and uploading them for free download into some sites and actually at that moment i felt kind of proud as they still said my artist name on them so gave me credit and wanted to share my productions to others. BUT if some were to download them first and then just label it as their own productions.. that makes me angry. And also now that i'm unemployed and am trying to fund myself being a electronic musician (does not mean that i would make only EDM as virtual instruments are ridiculously awesome nowadays as long as could get enough of them to produce really awesome music for example the Vienna library or the Native Instruments Brass Ensemble first or the East West composer cloud, not actually sure what would be the best fit for me, and also wouldn't mind Shreddage for cool metal guitars etc as soon as i could actually get them, now i'm basically struggling to afford to live) for living as i love it, i would not mind finally getting something out of some productions also so i could buy new stuff for better production possibilities and.. yes live also by doing new music constantly. Or do Djs and other Live performance bands only get something out of their compositions?
  24. Well now that i have though about it, labels would most likely provide people to hear my music and maybe even get fans or something, but as i tend to be extremely weird and too offensive of some other peoples shit, most likely i am just incredibly annoying to all people or even possible fans of my music as i am basically rambling on about things on my social accounts that do not concern them at all most likely so it's like i'm trying to give advice or sometimes just tell some boring stories about myself to people whom i would want please with music, which is basically why i wanted to start up on full house EP also as so many people like house nowadays and a lot. But i have made several house tracks in the past, no one liked them, at the best 10 or something. So there has to be something more in it than making the music and posting it on my soundcloud or youtube and adding couple of tags for people to find them. Although still my music has had its flaws. Also the thing is, since i'm extremely uncomfortable personality most likely? would even labels accept my music.when there must be some sort of standards on being a human properly also and normally social or something, not just being able to produce what people would want to hear? As in the other thread, people like what someone does if they like the person itself sometimes. So even if i was able to make even at least slightly good music, it doesn't matter at all when no one likes me? I don't know, i feel like shit about myself, for example opening up on twitter or getting annoyed by some simple house music being praised and being on top charts and complaining about it, what use is it? Won't i just make myself look bad when i say that a "child could produce simple techno house with a shitty laptop" when i'm not producing it myself in large quantities as it is still popular, people like it and the big names do it and therefore they are big names aren't they now? Or is it just the image they have and how gorgeous or normal they are and stuff and they have made the music style so popular perhaps? or is it the festival clubby party thing that truly is the only thing of interest to people anymore?
  25. Well it's a lot easier than playing actual violin i presume. But still composing with it and modulating the composition correctly, both act big part in it also, not just knowing how to use the program. Practice is the key in everything is it not though.
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