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  1. Lower notes on the more recent youtube clip also affects the amount it changes compared to the example i showed on the first clip from 'Peace part.1' for some reason, well it is crunchier and has less mid/high frequencies and slightly different effects and vocodex settings. Tried to turn limiter off, on that second one but it did not change anything except taking away the kick snare compression, Also there was no limiter in the first clip at all, tried to take the sub osc off also in the same part at peace pt.1 and seems like it did not make a difference for the phase shift. Also took off all the effect plugins at master and vocodex on the growl mixer channel (i use it for making the growls louder and more metallic & crunchy, vocodex has certain effect on sounds) as well as Parametric EQ 2, still the same "problem" presents itself. And yes, mostly other sounds as soundscape make the small differences near damn impossible to spot but the thing is, how can someone else who didn't make the project hear the difference as they hear the one and only version of it anyways. So i assume that it is caused by phase shift and nothing i can do about it except render the sounds as many times until i find the best render and then use it in the final export. And yes i just have to make new songs how i like them and can do them, and if people start liking them more, then it is an good sign that i have made progress on the over-all arrangement on EVERYTHING. Composing and producing music has countless amounts of things to consider. That kind of small growl problem is nothing compared to the necessity to be extra creative on the entire build of tracks while producing and also having patience to try to make cool chords and single note leads and having good selection of virtual instrument libraries and sound design plugins and hardware with efficient PC and good headphones / speakers Also some amount of freaking promoting should be done, as people can't basically find the track to listen anyway (whether they like it or not) if they don't even know it exists. I have worked for years on music but have no idea how to promote myself properly. Other than adding some suitable hashtags to Twitter and adding my tracks into both Youtube and Soundcloud with appropriate search tags. And now as a new addition, into Bandcamp from which i can also get some support if someone wants to support my music productions at some point when and if they are that good. Also i am extremely unstable with my emotions sometimes, and i truly suck at being social and tend to write some things that aren't "normal" so to speak, which can make me kind of an weirdo hence people don't even want to like music, because they don't like me, which would be weird reason.. But it is also weird for people liking music only because they like the artist who made it and is famous etc. I don't know.. --------------------------------------------- I don't have a headphone amplifier for my DT880, and i connect them directly to my motherboards internal audio chipset, but they are the lowest impedance (32Ohm) and do not necessarily require one. Although i have noticed that the sounds sometimes tend to be quiet, and if i turn up the volume too much, distortion comes along so i should also get some amplifier at some point and a separate soundcard also if they were to also boost the bass. slightly. Not sure though.
  2. Actually i don't recall right now did i have the problem earlier, if it was there, i did not notice it. But that phase shift seems like an reasonable explanation although not entirely for example comparing the sound quality in rendered audio file vs. raw Well it is not like a life and death type of thing, so if it is natural and can't be fixed, i'll just have to deal with it, but still it bothers me as i am trying to make music that people would like also and maybe someday even support so i could fund my productions as in buy stuff.. not do it just for my own fun, and for that, there are some standards people most likely expect in music (as tastes also are different etc) for example not many have liked my stuff so far and for which reason i have to consider even the small details and it is annoying when render does not match with the sound design and modulations and the over-all workflow in the project. I turned off the sub oscillator for this video, slightly harder to notice the difference on this especially between the two render files but the sub osc does not affect still much apparently.. but it still maybe does something. it is better to make separate bass line anyway for growls because it's easier to adjust. But on this the render files are way different than the live play even though not that different from each other so it is not necessarily the sound designs fault but rather some settings on the render for example? i don't know, but still something causes the difference Also by the way, as you have the same headphones i have to ask: What are your thoughts on the quality of the headphones? I like them a lot but only bass, in my opinion, could be stronger. But otherwise, they are bees knees
  3. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x45f5x0 Yep they change. Even the bloody wave forms are different in each and sound different. I had ASIO4ALL on at this video so no sound. Why bother capturing a new when you can hear the difference i mean in the first video when i hit play and stop repeatedly.
  4. Just took a screen capture of the problem what i basically mean. I don't know how much can you hear a difference with your audio equipment but through my DT880 headphones, the difference of every play, stop, play, stop, play, stop, is huge. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x45f4t8 Then i render the part and it remains the same of course after that. Should try rendering the same part multiple times and see is there a difference There seems to be some amount of changes in the "final render" a.k.a. exporting the entire track with all in it into final audio file which truly makes me ponder of the reasons Gonna try to render multiple times now
  5. Yes, actually that is precisely what i meant by "freezing" the selected mixer channel in the first message. It is quite easy to do actually and it takes away the load from CPU quite effectively also. 2 problems solved with one solution, although with some extra time consumption on the render parts. Especially if there needs to be changes done after the render, then it's like back and forward sort of thing. But producing full tracks requires a lot of back and forward stuff to get some adequate results anyway.. usually..
  6. Ok, even though i had almost exact same title on my previous topic here at post your original music ( Orchestral Madness EP (unfinished screen capture sum up) ) But, as it says unfinished screen capture sum up and can't be edited, the title is misleading as i finished it today and uploaded it to Bandcamp here is the link: https://shadowraz.bandcamp.com/album/orchestral-madness-ep It's free to download, but i would also appreciate any support if you like the music, as i am saying in the description of the EP. Anyway i would also appreciate some honest feedback on any of the 6 tracks. Anything from the compositions / build, used instruments and sound designs, to mixing and mastering (general EQ or loudness advice). Any advice on how to improve my future work if you spot anything wrong, so to speak, in your personal opinions.
  7. Yeah it was the lowest option also on my windows, did not see it at first because did not scroll far enough. the equalizer was just the first i saw. Also it was already unchecked for me. Got to look into this. But thanks anyway.
  8. http://postimg.org/image/6ta3ca26n/ Do you mean uncheck that option?
  9. Ok so i have this weird problem with Serum which i use as a sound design plugin. Some drone, growl designs are WAY more quiet in the export audio file compared to listening inside the project. Why is that? Can it be fixed somehow? Or does it require exporting the drones growls as an audio file for example a.k.a freezing that precise mixer channel as that action sometimes is called It also presents itself inside the project also as in when i first listen to the track if i were to spot something to change anywhere, it is quiet, then i stop the play, click back the part where the drone starts playing, and play it again and all of an sudden it's loud and clear as day. It also tends to be ever so slightly different several times if i hit play, stop, play, stop, on the same part where the drone plays.. And i have no idea why Don't even get me started on other problems with Serum, even though it is my favourite sound design plugin, it is really hard on CPU. And on weird parts also for example if i have several growls with heavy modulations, they don't mind that much but if i have two serum saw melody sound designs playing at once, both in the same mixer channel and both have both oscillators activated and all with 16 unisons which totals to 64 saw waves playing at once, CPU goes nuts and the "live play" lags really hard.
  10. Actually i have had major problems with muddy sound as well.This is one of the reasons and thank you for sharing the info. Usually for me, mid frequencies have been really full and also bass too loud especially on earlier productions and i mean peak distortion on bass and a lot, also slightly on mids. But then lacking high frequencies and not having that bright clear sound quality at all, then i practiced on trying to boost highs on EQ but at some point they also screamed too much on some tracks for example on couple of my remixes of Muse tracks, (also of course adding a lot of different sounds to play at once and if they all play different melodies, not just frequencies it can become sort of messy all and all). I am practicing to prevent peaking as in having clear sound wave on all my productions from now on and as i am working on my first EP for Bandcamp, i am trying to fine tune on the mixing and mastering part them to be better than ever before my productions have been, as well as trying to combine slightly all my genre styles but with heavy on virtual orchestral instrument use, time to try to get serious. Because through bandcamp i can maybe find people who would be interested on my productions and so far i have only utter failure on all my music productions apart from learning everything i have tried on. Yet i am practicing and having my fun with making the music but still.. some sort of support would be kind of great for the work already so i could support myself, but that's the thing, if people don't like the music, why should they support me on making it anyways no matter how many hours and how much effort i have put on into them.. Still makes me wonder slightly already when some really simple tracks sometimes are in top charts..
  11. Ok so, made dailymotion account since i don't want to fill out my youtube with unnecessary videos as i have basically posted small clips of my small clip productions a lot lately, just wanted to ask which would be better tempo for this remix, 90bpm or 180bpm: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x43dhc2 Note. it is like seriously in the first phase as i started making it just today, for example the chorus, i just used the same sound designs i designed for 'Whatever' so far, am not sure should i make more chord modulations or better or something also all and all for the entire song etc.. for 180bpm drumstep version i could make more easily second faster DnB beat (as there is already but did not show it on the video) but chorus structure should be different, then on 90bpm, chorus is easier to make as such dubsteppy one.. but it is kind of an slow tempo to work with.. although i like an slow tempo myself. But still..
  12. Nobody has any advice or opinions? Would really appreciate. Anyways started working on next EP even so that my first one ain't fully ready and haven't released it yet: I love virtual instruments Hitting them orchestral drums loud for patterns brings out really cool feeling for compositions
  13. hahah.. been working on the drop of 'Whatever' It's now in this condition basically without the violins:
  14. So i have been working on my very first EP. So far i have only published my music as singles as soon as i have gotten them "finished" but now, as i got such advice from one of the moderators in DSF forums, to add my music to Bandcamp if i wanted to get more fans or otherwise even get possible support for productions (as i will add it as 'pay what you want' option but still it's free of course) and decided to go with an entirely new EP. I would like to get some opinions or advice from this sum up screen capture i took just now. Note. basses and some other frequencies are not as they are when taking a screen capture with Fl Studio ASIO on instead of ASIO4ALL, and also especially the last project 'Whatever' is really off.. especially the one sound design i labeled as "main growl", it's freaking horrible still (having really hard time with it, maybe gonna try to design a new sound or use the drone growl sound design that i made earlier on, instead of it or something and also the beats snare clap combo seems to be.. well not so great and too much stuff going on maybe and.. well am not even sure should i add it to my EP at all.. but i will.. just have to fix it) Also guitar solo on 'Prototype' is still not ready and well.. Basically not even single one of these projects is finished, hence the asking opinions, advice etc here now. Also i forgot to screen capture a sum up clip of 'Outro', It is the most ambient track of these with rather Cello heavy "sad" chords i was able to compose/produce and a piano that's also rather emotional i guess? kind of short track though as it is only outro. I cutted out the loading projects part as it is extremely boring. But yeah i would appreciate advice and opinions on this video: Been working on these tracks quite a while now
  15. Ok so, i'm that kind of an person who tends to write rather long messages which can be rather boring to read for some but anyway as i wrote just a message to one topic, while writing it i made grammar errors and when i tried to fix them by clicking cursor into somewhere, there comes along this blue selected box next to cursor and if written, all the letters tend to erase away from the new ones as in replace them. Hard to explain what i mean better than that (not a native English speaker so please understand) but has anyone else encountered the same problem? I did encounter this before also. Easier to just fix the problems on notepad or because notepad prolongs the text into 3 freaking lines i just pasted it to DSF reply box, fixed it and then pasted it back here, So is it some fixable problem by ones self or is it a site issue?
  16. Oh man so their not like stream type of stuff to use.. off course not.. that would most likely require ridiculously fast internet and work somewhat.. well i don't have a glue but i would need more hard drive space for these and most likely another SSD to have tolerable speeds on loading them.. i'm guessing i would need hundreds of gigabytes of space on it for fitting everything i would need from those vst's.. Are they how heavy on CPU and RAM? I suppose Ram wouldn't be a problem for me unless i would make monster compositions but even though i have Intel I7 as a processor, my CPU is running kind of.. well adequate.
  17. Sooo.. been working on a EP, i really do like making them violin melodies and orchestral drums etc What y'all think of this "preview" And also what about this really small clip on what i have worked on tonight and posted on my instagram: Orchestral is super fun music to compose
  18. Man i can't wait until i can afford this tasty fucker. Hollywood Solo Violin, Symphonic Choirs <3
  19. Home studio set up, picture in link, could not for some reason get it working as direct image URL paste here: http://postimg.org/image/b0qwnp9fz Computer & DAW Windows 7 64-Bit, Intel i-7 4970K 4.0Ghz processor, 24Gb RAM Fl Studio 12 Hardware BeyerDynamics DT880 Pro Headphones Novation Launchkey 61 MIDI controller 2 LG televisions for main (47") and secondary (32") screen Software/Samples Kontakt 5 including the most important libraries for me currently which are: Action Strings, Action Strikes, Session Strings, Studio Drums Nexus for virtual pianos and guitars Serum for most melody, growl and other sound designs Massive for some drone, growl and effect designs Sylenth1 for some lead and arpeggios designs Vengeance Essential House and Dubstep for most beat designs (apart from Studio Drum beats in Kontakt 5 and orchestral drums for compositions in Action Strikes) with the kicks, snares, hats and rides
  20. I've been trying to work on more melodic stuff as i do enjoy some good melodic dubstep (also with female vocals) but the melody sound designs are hard to make sound professional, I have started on using Serum for most of my sound designs and for super saw melodies it's like saw waveforms usually on both oscillators and then 16 voices on unison for both and then detuning them quite a lot, depending on what type of sound i'm searching for, and sometimes i tend to put square wave for other oscillator as it does bring rather more 'beep' type of retroish style to it. I'm finding a lot more easier to build melodies still with violins for some reason so they tend to fall back into orchestral dubstep category more, which would be my main style to produce as i enjoy it the most. (Violins and i have gotten really interested on virtual guitars also and brasses and drums.. and growl/drone designs.. well basically everything) But still some type of melodic dubstep is much more ambient than orchestral when listening to the tracks that pro producers have made or also while producing there is more ambient feeling (although while producing, nerves are at the peak as nothing sounds exactly like i would want them to sound and i'm in an some kind of hurry.. gotta work on that) Youtube is filled with several hour mixes of such music btw, good stuff to listen Still one of the biggest problems is finding vocals.. Like seriously, how do the producers find acapellas or stems of good female vocals around which the music could be made? I have merely 2 female vocals right now: Ellie Goulding - Burn and Katelyn Tarver - You. Do people just roam around websites with such search terms like female standalone vocals, stems, acapellas and then download them? Or are there specific sites which have several 'vocals only' files? Or do they first search some female singers and then search those individually if there are only vocal files somewhere? Or do they some how muzzle the music from tracks as some acapellas are made on youtube? (i have found Muse track acapellas for example and Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody, and once i made more music around the original music (Adele - Hello)) Anyone have any suggestions though for good vocals? Individual songs or several, anything goes as long as it would sound somewhat good
  21. Man this would seem like really cool addition to sound libraries for compositions. Too expensive though as it is kind of an "rent" for those libraries. But then again about paying rent.. living on an apartment (in which i am currently living) costs 400€ a month for rent and i will never get those back. But i could keep the audio compositions safe that i had composed from renting that for merely 25€ a month, compared to the fact that i will never "obtain" this apartment even though if i had payed forever this rent month by month. And i couldn't compose with an computer if i didn't even have a bloody place to use this computer and a source of electricity would i now? Ugh.. I should at least try out the 10-day free limited trial with 3 of the products of my choosing. I would go with some sort of Brass ensemble library and if there were any good vocal choirs (with working wordbuilder stuff that would give opportunity to build words sang by choirs virtually) i definitely would choose that
  22. I use Fruity Limiter basically every time for side-chaining kicks and snares to other basses such as growls or other basses and also for saw melodies usually (only on some rare cases do i use Grossbeat but that usually applies to more electro house style side-chaining as i am focusing on orchestral dubstep nowadays). It's really cool because in it i can easily apply somewhat fitting 'volume goes down' on selected sound when kick or snare hits. Don't know about any other uses for it though.
  23. Decided to join in to introduce myself, although i haven't made video game related music per se, i am kind of an enthusiastic EDM and Orchestral music producer. My genre has changed over the years as my skills (DAW usage, sound design, track build, effects) have gotten slightly better, virtual instrument libraries and hardware (PC specs) are better also and taste in music also has changed. Still merely learning on creating all genres and music in general though, and also lacking patience to fine tune my stuff as well, don't know what causes it, lack of spirit or something..
  24. Just took a smallish screen capture of the song in it's current condition: It is not easy to get everything correctly -.-
  25. Ronald Poe: Thank you for the compliment, and no i will not give up because i enjoy it even still if i haven't directly "succeeded" in it per se as in for people truly liking my music and being able to sell my music for example. But those are just small goals apart from just practicing and having my own fun time. And well i'm not sure could i have any super good tips in the form of words (especially if i were to start explaining sound design this page would fill up with stuff most likely), at least i can say that if you for example want to make such music as in orchestral melodic dubstep drumstep combination stuff, it requires just practice with your favourite choice of DAW at first as in learning to use it and then afterwards getting your favourite plugins and libraries and also listening to others music as well for example listening epic orchestral from Two Steps From Hell, Varien, Hans Zimmer and such artists but then also Brostep, Dubstep, DnB, Drumstep from various artists of such genres (for example: Arkasia, Virtual Riot, Skrillex, Barely Alive, Spag Heddy, Au5). I recommend Nexus for some virtual instruments (the guitar lead for example and my pianos are always from it) but especially stuff from Native Instruments such as Action Strings and Action Strikes and so on. Also there are cool amount of stuff in Symphobia 2. And then my favourite Growl and lead design plugin is Serum but Drone design (and some effects and leads) on Massive. Some arps and leads are easier to make on Sylenth1. But this all goes into personal preferences i guess. timaeus222: Yeah changed that as BETA version since i already noticed few huge mistakes before such as the growl especially on the second verse was kind of awful. Been trying to dial basically everything down on mixer and then taking out the compression on master channel ever so slightly. Also i already did in fact try to get the vocals more strong compared to the music and also all the separate music parts to be more noticeable still. Made the "outro" growl bass (after the sword sound effect) more crunchy and HF heavy and changed some notes on guitar lead and also tried to EQ and mix the volume of it more and still working on the same parts wobble design and other minor details still haven't gotten the verse growl bass design even right. Lot's of stuff to fix on it compared to that one yeah. Have to try to fix the bass stuff up too, it's hard to hear the bass on my DT880 headphones or on that 3" subwoofer i have under my table. Haven't been able to test it in my car (in which i have 1000W 12" Ground Zero Radioactive sub) because of an brake problem which makes me want to avoid all extra driving around as it is dangerous for both me and for others if i can't brake properly and i don't want to disturb anyone near here by playing it out loud on the parking lot
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