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  1. I believe that a balance between both quantity and quality is necessary to make something great. Prime examples of games that get this balance right are open world games such as any Grand Theft Auto title, The Witcher titles etc. The main stories of these of these take dozens and dozens of hours to complete, but there is a literal shit-ton of side quests to complete, and the majority of side quests sit alongside the main story in terms of quality. Additionally, I am in agreeance with Garpocalypse. Fighting games are the worst genre to use as an argument for the piece (I believe so anyway), because in terms of content, they are generally all the same. Story/Career Mode, a couple of VS. Mode's, Practice Mode etc. The difference is in the aesthetic. Balance aka 'fairness' is the goal, which in a way generates both more quality and more quantity anyway, as if players feel that every character is balanced or fair, they will automatically have more characters that they will be happy to play and perhaps master, which would mean there is more quality within than another fighting game with half the roster being unplayable because of balance issues. Sure, I've come across plenty of examples of high quality games with low quantity of content, mainly thanks to my Steam addiction. One extremely short game I will always remember playing is To The Moon. The gameplay within is practically non-existent, a combination of directional arrows and one 'YES' or 'OK' button, making it essentially a visual novel, but it had a beautiful story, the soundtrack was extremely moving in conjunction with the story, and I will always remember it. But, it was short. 3-4 hours to complete, with nothing to do beyond that story. I've never touched it again, because there's no quantity. I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless it was heavily discounted. I'm not going to persuade someone else to pay say, $20 for a book that has had all of the chapters ripped out minus the first 3. They may be the most amazingly well written chapters of any book in history. But $20? Only if the rest of the book was there. The opposite is true as well. If a game (RPG's are the worst when this happens) has 10,000 hours worth of content, but every single hour of that content is terrible, I'm most likely not going to get past the first couple of hours to even bother discovering if the rest of the content is any better. Another way I look at the argument is: when people say quantity, do they actually mean quantity? Or are they referring to freedom (or the illusion of it) within the gameplay? I realize I may be splitting hairs (in fact, I know I am), but I think it's an interesting way of looking at it. Obviously, as Brandon stated above, all is subjective. Some people may be excited that a game has heaps of different modes that are all 'good'. Others may not care about any of it except the incredible quality of a multiplayer mode.
  2. Metroid being one of my favorite games/series ever, without even reading the liner notes on the song page, I recognized the source material used throughout the song, and I feel that the orchestral arrangement completely does it justice. The song is continually moving forward, and it brought a smile to my face when I heard the strings come in at 4:21, and the horn cameos at 5:20 and 5:30. The ambience at the beginning (and throughout) works well, the bold sections swell without becoming overpowering, and the final 'fanfare' section at 6.16 felt suitably grand and rewarding, I could really hear the dynamic range of the trumpet for the final measures. Amazing work!
  3. Sooo glad to see FF8 getting the rework treatment! I feel that it is Uematsu's best FF soundtrack. Very excited to see what ends up on the final version! Keep up the awesome work guys
  4. Hi guys, Trent here. I've been a longtime lurker on this site (probably dating back to the time Project Chaos was released! I'm pretty sure the first song I ever heard from this website was housethegrate's 'Walk on Water), and I figured it's time to make myself a part of the community after seeing that FF8 is getting a makeover (not that I'll be a part of it unfortunately). I've been trying to talk myself into getting into my producing and mixing chops again after a few years away from music, so last year decided to buy myself a new trumpet (used to play in orchestra/brass band) after starting study in an audio engineering course, and after feedback from various tutors/teachers after getting my marks back from first term and submitting my own songs and mixes, have gotten the motivation to get involved and (hopefully) get some rearrangements submitted in the future! There are so many extremely talented and passionate people on this website, and I'm hoping to get to know everyone better in the future. Here's to VGM!