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  1. I've never paid my proper respects to this song. It is a defining staple of my memories of April and May 2003. What a sweet, smooth, aural remix.
  2. I am very seriously going to begin learning how to mix in the near future, as if these old CD's I'm buying fails, it will be the only way to revive this song that I've had in my head for 1997. I have it note for note, perfect pitch and timbre, but I cannot find it. Anyway, my question is this: Is Reason 3 better than FL5? So far, I've heard that Reason is like, "hard to learn, but gives you more mastery/better results when you get good."
  3. Just a bump to note some new COMPENDIUM news BABY
  4. Here's the touched up official art. In one stroke, the Compendium just owned the official art sections of every other Chrono site in existence. http://www.herograw.com/ocremix/Black/Filtered%20Art/ CuteLucca scans, Aitrus photoshopping. Feel free to use this in layouts and stuff. Edit: If there be disbelievers: The NPCs are the juicy ones. Other stuff is in here: http://www.herograw.com/ocremix/Black/officialCTart/CSscans/
  5. In a couple days, I should have extremely good official CT art scans available for use with graphics. They're being cleaned up right now for scanlines and moire patterns.
  6. Thanks to CuteLucca, the sheet music collections were completed: Trigger http://www.herograw.com/ocremix/Black/Publications/Chrono%20Trigger%20Sheet%20Music.rar Cross http://www.herograw.com/ocremix/Black/Publications/Chrono%20Cross%20Sheet%20Music.rar Have fun.
  7. http://www.herograw.com/ocremix/Zeality/notext.jpg is the original image without text if you want a nifty desktop.
  8. Ditto. This is worthy of the KIGN OF KORNO TIGGER LAOLZ
  9. Yes, that was some cosplayer. The guy looks good in my opinion as well.
  10. I didn't plan on releasing this until it was complete, but only three minimal songs are missing that I don't think are being covered. Here is the Chrono Trigger sheet music. As of now, Disc 2 is just beginning to upload, so if I posted this FRESH to you, wait awhile. http://www.herograw.com/ocremix/Black/Publications/Chrono%20Trigger%20Sheet%20Music/ Hope that helps.
  11. Well, I have the CT sheet music, but it isn't complete. I'm missing 7-8 songs.
  12. People Imprisoned by Destiny was great, Kanjika. I'd fully support and love your participation.
  13. SHould go both. Knuckle's old theme and his new need remixing.
  14. Lies. I overpowered you in a magnificent battle in the stratosphere, and acquired your mod status long enough to unlock.
  16. Just bumping. I'm going to update the frontpage list with Claado's account after I download these VGMix WIPs.
  17. Just as a neat bit of information, Singing Mountain's background has been revealed by Yasunori Mitsuda (in English). Though it was previously available on Procyon-Studio's Q&A page in Japanese, it's finally been translated. More info: http://www.chronocompendium.com/Term/Singing_Mountain_(CTP)
  18. http://www.chronocompendium.com/Term/Changing_the_status_menu_portraits ~ I enjoyed the composition; it gave the impression of a strange, mystic ride into the End of Time, where we were confronted with the usual melody. The final part, in which it began to pick up, was becoming very interesting; I could easily imagine this as a score to a variety of scenes. No criticism at the moment.
  19. Hey, when Claado gets back I suppose we'll get this moved. I reviewed the guidelines, and this project's status is healthy. On an unrelated note:
  20. Claado's probably going to kill me for this, but I haven't been able to keep track of each and every WIP, with all the posting around VGMix and OCReMix's WIP boards. Can you guys point me to your latest WIPs so I can archive them? Thanks.
  21. FUCK check out what I just learned to do: Tutorial on the Compendium once it is back up.
  22. Servehttp is closing down, but not before Claado gets back -- I think. I'm still going to back up all the stuff.
  23. Hm. I suppose it would be a "Please respond by this date" thing. January 25?
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