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  1. Hi people! I've just finished a track inspired on Undertale and Grillby's bar in particular. It's a swing/jazz track with throwbacks to the more synthetic, classic game-like sounds. I'd be very interested to hear what you've got to say; I'm always looking to learn and improve, so please, fire away! Thanks, -The Lost OST
  2. Nice, very atmospheric track! I really like the pad-guitars coming in at 1:48, it lifts the whole thing to a higher level by adding that ethereal quality. The huge bass-saw that underlies the entire track is, well huge, especially in combination with those hand drums. Maybe the kick could be less harsh and clicky though, it feels like it isn't as much part of the mix as it should/could be. It has tons of impact for sure, but that actually distracts me from the push and shove of the rest of the instruments. Somehow, it's fighting over attention with the bass rather than working together with it. Maybe it has a lot of sub bass frequencies itself which coincide with the bass? Not sure about that though. Apart from that, very nice track, the menacing vibe has me bouncing my head!
  3. First of all, really tight playing, very nice! I'm feeling that heart rate expansive vibe from beginning to end, job well done for sure. If I'd have to give some constructive feedback I'd say: - The arrangement could do with some more change in dynamics; for example, when the new theme kicks in at 00:53, the rhythm guitars keep bashing on like they did before, but maybe longer strokes rather than staccato hits would bring out the drama of the melody some more by allowing for it to stand out. 2:29 does that very nicely: the rhythm guitar suddenly changes to unison and this contrasts really well with the previous section, making for renewed tension. In general, maybe a bit more contrast between sections in terms of rhythm guitar & drums would benefit the structure of your version. You have to keep the listeners on their toes, they have to crave for the feeling that the next section will bring - The drums seem to start out of nowhere; a few cursory kick drum hits and bam, full on double bass antics. Actually, the whole dynamics-contrast thing I just touched upon also goes for the drums. Constant double bass and going full out loses its power after a short while. Maybe try experimenting with some different drumming patterns, some half-time riffs, ask a drummer with an electronic drum kit to provide you with some MIDI-files of actual drumming etc.? Where the mixing is concerned, the first step would be to create some more clarity and punch by purging most of the bass frequencies. The bass frequencies should be reserved for the kick drum and the bass in this kind of genre, and the guitars should not interfere (as much). As soon as the low end sounds clearer, you'll see that everything will have a lot more punch and impact. However, in general I'm really feeling the vibe and digging it! Nice job!
  4. Hi people! I've crafted a synthrock tune heavily inspired on the Megaman X-ost, and I'd love to hear whether or not you'd say that it has (more or less) captured the original feeling, and of course what your thoughts are on the arrangement, composition, mixing, maybe even the accompanying video and its pacing etc. Honestly love to get some feedback (and provide you with it if you'd like)! Thanks, The Lost OST