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  1. 1 hour ago, germanjazzguy said:

    it is really cool how you managed to combine a standard 4 beat with the original drums by dave wise. this makes your mix very intense together with the bass.

    one thing to critisize: the arrangement is quite repetitive (quite common disease when coping with lockjaws saga, though...). try some other phrases (original ones written by you, e.g. a square lead or analogon solo, to break up the repetitive atmosphere). you can also consider to put the melody on hold and repeat the intro (0:00 - about 0:37 as I assume).

    also consider a key change (did you leave it in c minor?)

    i really enjoyed listening to another good lockjaws saga version. this is one of my personal favourites from the dkc2 album.

    Thanks! I glad you like it!

    Well, my music suffers a lot from being repetitive. I tried to break it up a bit, but still, I understand why.

    I considered it, but it sounded really nice so I scratched the key change. I'll mess around with it though, maybe I'll find a nice tone to go for.

  2. 43 minutes ago, YoshiBlade said:

    No annoyance, but for the future could you link to the original song, I cant seem to find it. But even without the original to compare, the claps and the snare are really buried in here and the the whole track sounds like its being run through a low pass filter, except for the plucks that start at :45.  If you attach the Original you'll get more feedback, let's hear what you were remixing first. 

    Added the original song in the first post.

    I wanted the track to be deep, maybe I overdid it. Like if you where listening to a song underwater or something, idk.

  3. 48 minutes ago, Gario said:

    I kind of like the kick, but everything else is very quiet, in comparison. It's a matter of mixing balance - if everything else sounds nearly non-existent in comparison, you've got to cut it back a little bit.

    More importantly, though, there is a way to use this forum (which you can read here) that this thread generally misses the mark on. One track per thread, one thread per track is the rule (with the exception of posting an album) - more than one track and it becomes difficult for others to comment and discuss your music with you (which is the general sentiment I'm seeing in here, in fact). More than one thread per track... well, I'm sure you can see the issue with that. ;)

    I hate to shut a thread down (I like the activity, actually), so pick a track and focus on that, and I'll remove the rest. If you want attention on a few other tracks, make a thread for them individually. Sorry I've got to be that guy, but it's a problem if I let things like this go and people get the wrong idea. Don't be too discouraged, though - it means more variety of more focused comments on what you do have, and you can always link you your TY page from your signature, for the sake of garnering attention there.

    Fair enough! I'll keep the first track here. It's the Monster's Lair.

    As for the unbalanced music, I'm not too proud of the Spider Dance. Plus I have trouble differatiating volume, I don't know what is loud and what is low. That reflect in a lot of my music, sadly. I'm trying to improve, and DKC2 "Wet Monkeys" is an example of my improvements.

  4. 1 hour ago, Ronald Poe said:

    I think you're definitely got a style and a rather nice one at that. You're Wario medley had me dancing in my seat and was insanely catchy. Your original compositions and Azalea Town remix are quite good as well. 

    I have a low self-esteem (it's getting better) and suffer from high anxiety. I understand being depressed and it really helps to remix and compose music. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks, Ronald. I'll keep posting, if any of my remixes are good enough to be posted, let me know. And I say this to anyone who comes by.

    Also, if it's not good enough to post, but you think it might be ok if I tweak something, give me the feedback! I have been trying to post something for OC Remix for years and haven't succeeded yet.

  5. 31 minutes ago, GSO said:

    sorry DarkeSword,/Rhino that was me i'll try to not be so post happy...


    Just now, TheChargingRhino said:

    ....It might have been me as well...

    Yes, both of you! hahaha!

    It's fine though, your intensions were good. It's just General Forum Rules and Behavior you know? This is no chat and each topic has it's place.

    Let's get this project going, shall we?

  6. 38 minutes ago, DarkeSword said:

    Folks, I need you to stop double- and triple-posting. If you need say something and nobody has replied to the thread since your last reply, just edit your last post.

    The forum isn't a live chatroom. Try to post when you have more substantial things to say.

    EDIT: Okay, guys seriously. One thread per project. If you need to recruit for something specific like a video editor or something, edit the title of the project's topic. Don't make another thread.

    I was thinking the same thing...

    Why posting 3 or 4 posts? For those who are following, we get a ton of e-mail notifications because of that...


    BTW, guys! How's the cover art coming along? I want to use it in my video for the music, if that's possible! We have the name and art figured out, right?

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