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  1. Here's the stuff I do when I'm out of inspiration for too long: https://soundcloud.com/bluejackg/super-mario-land-2-party-remix
  2. Here's a song I did as a tribute to Japan.
  3. Thanks! I glad you like it! Well, my music suffers a lot from being repetitive. I tried to break it up a bit, but still, I understand why. I considered it, but it sounded really nice so I scratched the key change. I'll mess around with it though, maybe I'll find a nice tone to go for.
  4. Updated with original tracks for feedback. Keep in mind this is just a proof of concept, so take ideas here if you so desire. Also, added the Youtube video if you prefer.
  5. Added the original song in the first post. I wanted the track to be deep, maybe I overdid it. Like if you where listening to a song underwater or something, idk.
  6. I don't want to be annoying, but... why no feedback? I kinda need it...
  7. Here's Remix 11. Soundcloud broke my music again, but I'll upload to Youtube, it'll sound better. Original song:
  8. Sure, I say it in the post, it's not a remix. I'm glad you like it!
  9. Here's an HD remake of "Hazy Maze Cave". People seem to like it. It's not a "remix", but it could be used in one if you guys want it.
  10. So, I'm not looking for feedback on this. I'm showing off an idea I had. This is mearly a proof of concept for a remix between the Boss Boogie theme and the Pursuit theme from DKC3. Boss/Pursuit POC I wanted to share, because they work quite well together. What do you think? Original tracks:
  11. I'm aware of the beat being to loud in this one, so I'll share an updated version after the video: Updated version: "The Train to Greedville" - BlueJackG Contains those tracks:
  12. Fair enough! I'll keep the first track here. It's the Monster's Lair. As for the unbalanced music, I'm not too proud of the Spider Dance. Plus I have trouble differatiating volume, I don't know what is loud and what is low. That reflect in a lot of my music, sadly. I'm trying to improve, and DKC2 "Wet Monkeys" is an example of my improvements.
  13. Thanks, Ronald. I'll keep posting, if any of my remixes are good enough to be posted, let me know. And I say this to anyone who comes by. Also, if it's not good enough to post, but you think it might be ok if I tweak something, give me the feedback! I have been trying to post something for OC Remix for years and haven't succeeded yet.
  14. Wow, I like the enthusiasm, but one album at a time, ok? This one is a lot of work!
  15. Yes, both of you! hahaha! It's fine though, your intensions were good. It's just General Forum Rules and Behavior you know? This is no chat and each topic has it's place. Let's get this project going, shall we?
  16. The name is "Nightmare". Oh and it's just the Light World Dungeon, not the Church..
  17. I was thinking the same thing... Why posting 3 or 4 posts? For those who are following, we get a ton of e-mail notifications because of that... BTW, guys! How's the cover art coming along? I want to use it in my video for the music, if that's possible! We have the name and art figured out, right?
  18. Can't you hear them with the links I shared? I won't be uploading the tracks for now, I have a schedule for uploads. I'm going to claim one more: Sanctuary/Light World Dungeon
  19. No, no, it's fine! I was just asking if it had a meaning. Thanks for the info!
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