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  1. First visitor! Sup dude!

  2. Read the first post. UnMod isn't very n00b friendly so I figured I would make a thread in the one place where they are welcome. I never meant for this to be a "ask Capn for a sig!!!111" thread, I just figured I would be one of a handful of people that would volunteer and help out. Guess I was wrong. UnMod as a whole is unfriendly to "noobs", but specific threads are friendly. The sig-making thread is one of them.
  3. Is one hour short? How long does it take you guys to make sigs?
  4. who that girl in ur sig from That girl is Rikku (I found that pic a long time ago and all of sudden has been popping up in various places recently).
  5. On another note, I think making the original piano piece in the first 20 seconds into a full song on its own would make a great original work...I'd love to hear it.
  6. I could just listen to the first 20 seconds of this over and over(beautiful harmony and usage of the instrument). The 'distorted' chords just add to the overall quality of this mix. I love this mix, and looking forward to more.
  7. Does my sig work? It works for me, but it might be because it's in my temp internet files. (Also, if it works, is the sig too big? Should I make it smaller?) Thanks guys.
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