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  1. I get a 404 when I try to open this song. I can play any other song on this site just fine, so it's not a maintenance issue. Fix, please.
  2. If you enter LRRLRRLRLR on the menu screen for Dixie Kong's Double Trouble on the SNES and type in "Merry" as your name, you get Christmas-themed bonus levels as a result. I always thought that tune would make a great ReMix on OCR. Here's a sample: http://media.putfile.com/dkc3-christmas Sorry the quality sounds like crap, but recording from a ROM was the only way I could find this music. I don't have a soundtrack, and I couldn't find it on VGMusic.
  3. I just listened to this ReMix for the first time today, which is bizarre; I normally NEVER miss DKC2 ReMixes, because I check the site every day and DKC2 is one of my favorite video game soundtracks. Anyway, this has to be the BEST ReMix I've ever heard on this site. It sounds very strikingly lot like something you would hear from Disney. It'd make the perfect song to hear while you watched one of the nightly fireworks shows at Disneyland. Oh, great, now this song has me yearning for some classic Disney nostalgia, for some odd reason. Maybe Blizi should get a job at that company and work on the music for some of their animated films... Agh, I've gotta get out of the house!
  4. Oh my gosh, that's so...beautiful... *sniff* (starts crying tears)
  5. HOLY ****!!! I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THIS SONG! My legs are literally tired from dancing to this super-awesome beat! I think a quote from the song description of PheartheMonkey best suits my emotions for this ReMix: "Kick out the jams, muthafukaa!" This is one of the - no wait, make that THE - coolest rock song I've ever heard in my entire life! You've done a beyond-excellent job, Protricity!
  6. ...So, let me get this straight... ...THIS is the water main theme?!?
  7. I find this ReMix very interesting. The instruments are different and the tones are separate, yet it's managed to be kept altogether. It's freakishly amazing.
  8. Wow. I'm speechless. This song is totally unpredictable and freakishly bizarre. It sounds like a cross between an old German opera (with the Viking lady singing at the top of her lungs), a "ghost house/horror" tune, a bunch of old NES MIDI clips (which kind of sound like the first Zelda game in one of the castle levels), and a slow trance mix all at once...and I LIKE it! Very, very nice job.
  9. Wow! This is fantastic! Wonderfully done. Now, if this was only released on Halloween...
  10. I don't know why, but for some odd reasons unknown, this song wouldn't download over the past few days. It finally downloaded today, and now I'm happy. This song is pretty interesting. When the song's description mentioned it was for Christmas, I was expecting a calm, ambient "jingly-bells" kind of song (like the DKC ReMix ChristmasCave or something like that). Instead, it seemed a little more like Spring time than it was Winter. It was faster with a more jazz/orchestral-type of attitude and beat, and hardly any bell sounds whatsoever. It kinda let my hopes down a bit, but this song is still pretty fun to listen to. I also like the way the Christmas carols blend in almost-so-perfectly with the ReMix. Very clever.
  11. I quote from a certain Pinky and The Brain episode that perfectly describes this ReMix: "It's fantastically amazing!" Usually, I'm not much of a fan of "mechanical" music (or whatever that genre is called) myself, because the overuse of the "metal-clanking-in-a-factory" sound breaks my eardrums after a while, but Mazedude put in a nice, equal blend of 80s remix-type sounds, videogame noises, and piano tunes throughout the song. This formula bonds them together yet keeps them away from each other at the same time. That's the part I like best about this ReMix. I also liked the slow piano solo at the end. What was supposed to be a "mad, twisted experiment" turned out to be so much more. Thanks, Mazedude! You've made one of the best ReMixes I've ever heard on this great site.
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