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  1. lol hi! i'm Smasha lol! I found Ocr a while back and i listened to some songs and they were like AWESOME! So then I'm like, GameFAGS sux, im making ocr my home! I've already made some friends here , I hope to make more! This place is soooo cooool! I wanna say thanks to DJPretzel and Proticity and Atomic Dog and Virt and Eccles and the redt of the judges for making this place so cool! You guys rock! I'd donate to the site, but I don't have any money! I'm so sorry! i'll try not to lis/n the same song more tan three times, okay? And yeah: NOOBS: DONT SAY HI ANYWHERE BUT HERE< K? WE DONT WANT TO WASTE ANY MORE OF VIRTS BANDWIDTH! k i think this post is done! I hope my sig works!
  2. Copy and paste this EXACT TEXT into your sig. [img=] [img=] All you had to do is leave a paragraph break between the tags. I know that in the little Signature box in your Profile it can be hard to tell the paragraph breaks from just text wrapping.
  3. Nods at arashi no tora's comments. Trust us, you don't want to leech, especially not from Something Awful.
  4. Well, this is one of my favourite remixes on the site. A relaxing, enjoyable piece. At 0:34 it seems to really pick up with the nostalgic value by incorporating a common Earthbound theme. Progresses nicely, leading up to a change of tune at around 1:45 to Ness' Theme from the Game. The "I miss you" was a very pleasant surprise when I first heard this (and many other times!) as it casually brings you back to reality if you have been hypnotised by this song, and is a nice allusion to the actual game's events as Ness did sometimes become homesick and the end credits did include that "I miss you".
  5. Earler, some were taking about the metroid prime. I am a very thorough gamer, and would like to think I am pariculaly skilled, and I did not find the metroid boss battles to be all that hard. I agree that they are amoung the funnest, best done bosses ever, however. Just as Prime stands out amoung games partially because of the visors and cannons still being useful throughout the game, the bosses stand out as truely testing a variety of skills. All have patterens, and most become harder a time goes on (old school, and very fun, and they made it work.), but they still involve you using your variety of techniques more than almost any other first-person game I can think of. Against the Metroid Prime, for example, you obvoisly need to jump and dodge, but in the first stage you need to keep switching weapons, and plenty of incentive is provided for you to use your combos, and even the morphing ball is neeed to dodge its body slam. In the seond phase, your visors get plenty of work, and possibly your beams (personally, I usually power bomb or phazon beam the fission metroids). Super Metroid's ending (and I don't just mean the credits - I mean everything after you get the space jump) was one of the most emotionally drawing I have ever seen. Prime's may not be as much, but the idea of samus getting an ultra-powerful beam is used here well. Now, you need to actually do something to get it (it's not automatic) and once you do it does not gurantee that you will win, you need to get it more than once. So, you still get all the excitement and sense of accomplishment you get from such a great-looking, sexy beam, plus you need to keep on your toes. A great idea. Mind if I get even more off-topic to graphics? Am I the only one here who thinks the graphics in the fial battle of metroid prime to be some of the best ever? The environment is the perfect, disgusting (that is a GOOD thing), well-textured place for such a fight, and the metroid prime is modelled well in both forms and has nifty looking attacks. In the second phase, the visuals may be even better. Prime looks neat in all visors, and in your combat visor, you may agree with me the metroid prime may very well be the neatest, nifftiest transparency ever!!!! The luminesence and lighting effects in this game are great as well, and the metroid prime's body and attacks - not to mention the utterly orgasmic-looking phazon beam - are also some of the best lighting I have ever seen.