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  1. Hi folks, anyone know if the composer used a Live Orchestra or sample library for these awesome soundtracks? my guess is either Spitfire stuff or possibly a Live orchestra ?
  2. Ok so I posted a similar thread ages ago but this one is specifically about the sample libraries used for the NAMCO / CAPCOM / SEGA arcades - mid to late 90's early 2000's They sound all quite similar with most of the difference coming from the sampling frequency capability of the sound chip (Some SEGA boards were 44.1Khz!) I do know that a lot of the stock sound from Roland Modules were used but there must be others like the Proteus that were used as well as actual CD sample libraries - Does anyone have any knowledge of ths at all ? My personal faves being the all the Namco system 12 music - Total Jazz fusion overkill !!
  3. Hey thanks for the links to GG thats totally awesome tone! I guess it's wasn't so much the tone as the 'Workflow' or 'how' those genius Japanese composers apply Guitar to the Game soundtrack, I think you probably right about the POD though - sold mine about 10 years ago so glad I did!
  4. Hi folks, I was wondering about the source of the guitar sound on this awesome game and if anyone had any info on the composer & gear used, I'm hazarding a guess that it was played live and edited but I'd love to know if the composer opted for a Guitar sim or if it was a full amp & mic set up ? Here is a link to the soundtrack... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgA57JCfoAU&index=12&list=PL9CE74B0A7D44D4DA
  5. https://youtu.be/DAGyxSdNkSQ
  6. Hi folks hope you enjoy - all done in Renoise https://soundcloud.com/garth_knight/wolverine-theme-arcade-power-mix-garth-knight
  7. Solved ! Garpocolypse you absolute genius ! It was ME in the end, user error - I was not selecting the correct combo of Guitar instruments - Solved now Thanks so much I owe you one !
  8. Woah ! Nice one dude What TFI pack and what instruments number? I'm using The OPM pack for VOPM Ins 3 & 5
  9. Hmmm maybe it's the white noise sounding guitar TFI with the dx style (not the metallic one) bass at the same time on one channel?
  10. Hi Metal Squad is actually stage 8 , your thinking of 'Lightning strikes' which is the title screen, and the intro is just 1 channel - no bass I checked it on winamp by muting the channels I'd love to hear if you could replicate this intro (doesn't have to be perfect but the tone is the most important thing) I'm a bit bummed cause I love Aly James stuff and rally really wanted to use FM drive, it's just odd that I can import the same bank into VOPM and it's 99% perfect (YM2151 I know)
  11. Sorry metro, I was joking ! Anyway thanks for the advice
  12. Hi folks I hope you can help me with this life & death problem !!! When using FM Drive to replicate the Thunderforce IV instruments for the life of me I cannot get the same tone ( intro to Metal squad for example) on FM drive it sounds like square wave with white noise - it sounds much closer on YM2612 & Genny but they are crazy buggy and don't respond to Midi CC's (mod wheel) Is there something I'm missing here or is it the limitation of emulation? If you mute all the channels on winamp except channel 1 you hear a big thick chunky FM guitar (is this possibly doubled on the same channel ?) It's that I cannot get & I have tried every TFI file I have as well as extracting my own. You hear the difference mostly on the fake palm mutes as on the actual track it sounds fat and meaty & percussive but it does not sound like this at all on FM drive? How can in_VGM replicate this easily and sound so good but 3 VST plugins cannot ? seems weird
  13. Composition of course ! Otherwise people would have shunned every SNES/Megadrive / NES / soundtrack , they did what they could within the limitations and people (Including myself) STILL listen to those old tracks (Thunder Force IV anyone?)
  14. Hi I'm such a dope ! I own Nexus 2 and have used it lot's I never thought it would have a big 80's Brass but there it was in one of the Xmas freebies Haha! Thanks guys you rock - Now i need to stop myself form buying more Nexus XP's LOL
  15. Hi all, I am looking for a VSTi that's capable of doing that huge 80's synth brass (think Rocky IV / TRansformers / Vince Dicola) So far every vst I own fails at this, the closest i got was with the Korg Wavestation but it's not quite 'there' , I can only et this sound with either my actual Roland JV1080 or my Korg DW8000 but I like the convenience of working In the box - please stop me from buying more Hardware ! lol though The Roland D550 / Yamaha Motif's look nice !
  16. Hi Guys n Gals! This is my 1st post ever on here so here goes.... My Boss Theme for a modern fighting / one on one in the style of KoF / SF / Tekken etc... https://soundcloud.com/garth_knight/big-bad-boss-theme-1 Hope you enjoy !
  17. Great stuff! The string arpeggio's are sweet and also nice key change ! this is really well written and the introduction of added percussion near the end is superb!
  18. Rather than commenting on the quality of the Sample library I thought I'd comment on the actual 'Music' , after all I'm sure that's why you posted anyway? I love the staccato parts at the start and you really nailed the 'vibe' of this kind of piece, reminds me a bit of old Actraiser well similar anyway , but yes I enjoyed this but it's rather short ? Is there more to this track or is it still in progress?
  19. I enjoyed that intro gated Pad sound, maybe needs a more prominent bassline ? but yeah i like it
  20. loved this ! excellent chord work and digging that clav !
  21. Is anyone aware of a tracker that has YM2610 emulation? every one I've checked seems to be all YM2612 7 others?
  22. Xavier you rock mate thanks ! I read up on the YM2610 it does seem similar spec to the MD YM2612 I think the big difference was the ADPCM samples the NeoGeo used at slightly higher resolution than the MD could manage - I got to admit I love those re triggered Metal guitar samples in Fatal Fury 1/2 they sound so cool in their own right - not realistic of course but had a cool sound of their own due to the limitations at the time. Some one NEEDS to make a genuine SNK sound pack - I'd pay generously for it !
  23. After reading lots of great interviews with the SNK composers/Sound team I was hoping they share what gear they used for creating those awesome soundtracks? I'm guessing mostly Roland modules - JV1080 / JD990 but was wondering if anyone has more info ? Especially with regards to their Drum sounds (Sample CD's ? Roland Cards?)
  24. Hi Man, thanks so much for the help - trouble is I have jukebox but tried to follow the spanish tutorial but when i load jukebox exe it does not find the Rom, it just lists lots of other games and asks me to add them to the list , I do, then it just hangs ???
  25. Hey folks I'm new here and just wanted to say i'm in awe of all the fantastic music here ! I'm honestly stunned at the quality of the productions you guys are showcasing. Now I'm fairly new to all this VGM / Ripping tools 'world' as I come from a traditional production background in a DAW producing 80's style music so forgive my noob questions. While I'm aware of the free YM2612 / Vopm VST's out there , and would have to say they are fantastic I'm mainly interested in the sounds of the Neo Geo. I always thought this was 'The Daddy' when it came to it's sound, for example comparing Fatal Fury Michael Max stage from the SNEs/MD versions to the Neo Geo is crazy different , the NG smokes em both and I realise this is mostly due to it's use of it's ADPCM samples. However, despite my searches/ forum lurking / reading I'm still stumped as to how to 'actually' rip samples (Not music) from Neo Geo games, and would really appreciate some help, I'm mainly looking for Drum one shots (Kick/Snare) Well thanks in advance folks !
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