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Found 10 results

  1. Hello guys! Just want to show you my arranged version of "Space Harrier Main Theme", the outstanding work of art of Hiro. I'm calling this "Space Harrier Main BGM CFX". I mainly use my Korg Triton classic to play every part and most of the instruments. I used one or two extra instruments from my Soundblaster AWE32 collection of SoundFonts (to this day I use Soundblaster with SF2 hardware support, love it since the 90s!). I play and perform every part on MIDI sequencer, I use PowerTracks Pro since 1992 to this day. Hope you guys enjoy my arranged version! On YouTube, with a nice video, trust me! On SoundCloud:
  2. Looks like they're trying to involve as much of the original crew as possible. https://www.gematsu.com/2020/06/clockwork-aquario-cancelled-westone-bit-entertainment-arcade-game-from-1992-coming-to-ps4-and-switch-in-2020
  3. So it looks like Capcom is jumping on the recent Plug N Play bandwagon for their arcade stuff... http://www.capcomhomearcade.com/home
  4. Did a very short soundtrack to an arcade game I'm currently working on with my programmer. I used an NES soundfont. Granted these are only demos even by 8 bit standards. Anyone with skill in 8 bit chiptunes please give me tips on making these sound a bit more less muddy. or any other tips on making these sound better, Let me know what you think!
  5. This Tuesday, my monthly gamer party, Gamer's Paradise Party, returns to Cobra Arcade Bar in Downtown Phoenix. As per usual, it is free and will feature indie dance music along with video game remixes all night. More details here!
  6. Here is my remix of Ghosts N Goblins arcade version, I hope you enjoy Good Listening ! Original version
  7. Hi folks hope you enjoy - all done in Renoise https://soundcloud.com/garth_knight/wolverine-theme-arcade-power-mix-garth-knight
  8. This song is awesome. Original PSX Version/Arranged R-1 Version
  9. Fire! (Arcade) Fire! (Nes) Streets of New York (Arcade) Streets of New York (Nes)
  10. There's only one Tekken remix on this site. Cmon man this series has some great music.
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