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  1. The subject heading sez it all, mv. I can't get enough of this remix. As much as I loved London Drizzle, your remix puts me at a very mellow mood and - strangely enough - I get more productive work done when mellow. The only problem I have is that it feels like it ends too early and a bit too suddenly. Otherwise, it excellent! P.S. The section between 2:56 and 3:38 keeps reminding me of Secret of Mana for some crazy reason...
  2. Wow... I'm crying here... This is what I've been looking for in this theme ever since I first beat MM3 that day so many years ago. Injury really did well in bringing out the emotion on this one (to Injury: worry not about the soft singing. I do the same waaay too often. Beautiful voice!). I don't get emotional on a song very often, but this hit that one little tear-jerking string. Definitely a keeper in my book. And the fact that you wrote original lyrics to the song... ah, brings back memories of when I did the same (not this great though. I would love to give a male rendition of this song though if I'm able to learn the lyrics). P.S. The whole female voice thing is probably what pulled that string.
  3. I can only describe this song in this way: Niiiiiiiice! I am done. Oh, and it's awesome work on what I believe was already a pretty good song. DJP, you are the man!
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