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  1. Really liked that raw sound of the snare in the beginning. Totally sounds like end game boss jams. Checked out your other stuff too, digging the retro sounds
  2. 'Sup guys! I like bass, really like slap bass, fretless bass, any kind of bass. Newbie to these forums, but not a newbie to these parts. You'll probably find me in the original works discussion, and hopefully remixing soon! If anyone likes my jams and wants to collab don't be bashful! Peace.
  3. I'm back Feeling nostalgic from those old school bass lines in shoot em ups; and came up with this. Thanks for listening
  4. I liked the small orchestral add on. Cool man. I 2nd the bass line comment, but nice melody~
  5. Hey, cool, thanks for the awesome compliments! XD
  6. This is my first post on here! Been experimenting making funk jams with a quirky video game feel. What do you guys think? How the funk can I obtain the funk?
  7. I liked the Fog of War song best. Rock beats with violins are always epic You should definitely get back into composing, man!
  8. Great interview. It's probably been said before, but I think limitations get stuff done! UUUGGGGHHHH, procrastination why do you rule my life. With VSTs we have endless possibilities. You can spend hours just choosing an instrument. HEX codes on the piano keys? That'd actually make a cool piano XD
  9. I was ALWAYS thinking it was breath of the wind, damn son. I'm not sure about the breath of the wild. Having lived near a ranch in the past, not good marketing image for me. Anyways, seems like Zelda has taken the trend with resource gathering. I like open world and survival games. Nintendo has got that golden touch with games, so I am looking forward to this.
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