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    Hailing from the swedish Wintercowboys Productions, a team of amateur, student, part-time video game developers and full time video game philosophers, Sixten Machado (aka Slamrarn) attempts to learn the secrets of surf guitar and being a creative, thoughtful individual. Currently composing for the games Milky Wave and Naar (http://naarthegame.net).
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    Composer (amateur), Animator (hobby), Student (full-time, except on summer break)
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    Electric Guitar: Lead
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    Strumstick, Electric Cello (basic skill)

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  1. Honestly, Sonic 06 has one of the best video game soundtracks and styles out there, just listen to this: Otherwise, Sonic Heroes has this one song that is great (), and then a bunch of songs in the same style that really miss the mark:
  2. Why, thank you! I'll post an updated version with more polished strings (added a plate reverb most tracks had been using to basically every string instrument and beefed up the long notes in the lead viola with a very quiet staccato note at the beginning of each) and go ahead and submit it!
  3. Damn, son! This is definitely going into my inspiration/influence playlist for a game I'm composing for, great stuff!
  4. Thanks! Here's a link to the source, forgot to provide one: I also incorporated the strings and chords (the saw synth at the end) from this one, which is kind of the same source, but technically a different one:
  5. Might have gone cold by now, but something that might be appreciated is some sort of table of contents at the top of the guide would be useful to quickly navigate, makes it less of a block of text. Great guide otherwise, I wish I'd found it two years ago when I started producing music!
  6. Hi, I've been working on a remix of Ruthless from Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, planning to submit it to the judges, but I figured I should post it here for feedback too (I'm first-timer at OCR so I haven't really gotten into the swing of things). Feedback arrangement and mix-wise is great, and I'm pretty stumped when it comes to a title so suggestions would be appreciated! UPDATED: OLD:
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