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  1. How would you create a really professional-looking physical copy, like the job people did with the NiGHTs album to give it to Sonic Team at SoS '11?
  2. The fact that the albums come with artwork for a hypothetical CD is really cool, and I'd love to know how best to bring it to life!
  3. Great to see we're all on some semblance of the same page now. Tokoi-san I'm not so familiar with - Tomoya Ohtani is absolutely amazing when it's his time to shine. "His World" is my personal favourite Sonic theme - it's just... the riff, the chorus, it's like a cinematic letimotif for Sonic. Brilliant. UPDATE: I googled Tokoi and found out he did Tropical Resort and Red Mountain. SO MUCH YES
  4. This... well, this got a bit out of hand. We've had crazy arguments over the quality of Crush 40's music, a complete rejection of the idea that Sonic was ever worth anyone's time, and some hate directed at fans like me. Let's all calm down, shall we?
  5. Are they good? Like, has anyone read their work and can we trust them to do a good job with Sonic?
  6. Although, "Heart Held Hostage" shows Sonic visibly cry (even if they are tears of joy) so it gets a point for reminding us how BS Sega's post-reboot guidelines are.
  7. Does anyone have any fond stories of reading, or a favourite story/arc? The shipper in me says "Heart Held Hostage", but I liked "Sonic Adventure 2.5" as well...
  8. So... I guess it's official. Archie Sonic is dead. I read it a lot in primary school, and I loved it. At the time, I was a bit biased towards Sonally... which is unfortunate, as I started reading after the reboot, but looking back, the stories told were great, and always managed to pull off "dark and edgy Sonic" in a way Sega's own writers never could. I hope the new publisher is great, but Archie Sonic will always have a place in my heart. What are your stories? "And though you're dead and gone, believe me, your memory will carry on." - Welcome to the Black Parade, My Chemical Romance
  9. Not a play! That's WAY too far! What I meant was... maybe something like P&F... OK this is a lost cause.
  10. Right. Well, those are kind of satirical, but what I'm asking is how to make a quality Sonic musical. Say... a musical take on the pre-SGW Archieverse? And don't say Sonic Live in Sydney.
  11. Sonic Underground is... not a good show. At all. It's a cringe-fest that tried to turn a hedgehog full of Blink-182-esque energy into Meat Loaf. But when you think about it, a good Sonic musical should be a pushover! I mean, the music is Final Fantasy levels of consistent quality! So, what's the answer? Covers of songs from the games?
  12. There are some great moody or melancholy tracks in there as well. And not just in Shadow the Hedgehog, but in games like '06, Unleashed and Heroes.
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