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  1. 1) I can call it whatever I want. 2) They aren't MIDIs. It's live playing. 3) Which ones? 4) That song is supposed to be a joke. I was just going to do Enemy Approaching but made my own version. 5) I only wanted positive feedback/criticism and not (like you've done) "is this a joke? ur stupid. ur music sucks" 6) I feel that it is true. This album is one of the best things on my account, next to Mafiatale.
  2. Thank you Timaeus. You have made some good points there that should help me. Yes, I do have a MIDI keyboard and used it for every single song on here (except Wrong Enemy which was a MIDI arrangement(there was a glitch with the guitar sound so it's much louder and distorted than it would've been). I wasn't expecting these to be the best things ever. After all, I only spent a month and a half on them. If they were going to be perfect I would've spent at least 3 months on them. Also (evident in @Slimy's post) saying that I won't be tolerating haters is just going to drag them in. thank you ~~metalwarrior06
  3. I have been working my little pants off at this for about a month and a half. I need some feedback, pronto. Just released yesterday, I launched my Stay Determined album onto Soundcloud with some fairly positive reviews. Lots of likes, reposts and views. Now I need your opinion. Please tell me what you think (I will not tolerate haters) and thank you for listening.
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