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  1. Thanks for the feedback! This song hasn't been updated since it was released on Soundcloud. As far as the "low health" sample goes, I've worked it out a little last week... that's still a WIP tho. I'm glad you enjoyed the transitions and the choice of samples! @ 1:30 there's aLttP sword spin & LoZ Boss scream on a very low pitch/stretch... not sure there's any choir there. (I think the layers are GB Triangle 2 & NES Pulse 50% for that specific part along with the two samples... I'd have to check my file to be sure.) Expanding the tracks comes to a cost. I could totally re-add the Game Over theme at the end... but I'm not quite there yet. And as far as duration goes... I don't really decide how long my tracks/remixes are, I just go with the flow. I'm sorry if it's too short... I can't really help it. Again, thank you for your precious feed back! It's highly appreciated!
  2. Well, going in a dungeon... sometimes you just don't have a choice. Tho in LoZ, you can totally decide to fill up your hearts and go fully rested... But I again, I wanted to drive the impression that you're on that last sliver of heart and that any hits could be your last! (I think your suggestion is pretty neat, I'll have to work on something and see if it's got that bite I'm looking for.) --- The guitar is the one variant that doesn't change in the whole track but I tend to agree with you, it just doesn't feel optimal. @ 1:35 The guitar does need some love... but again, the may all be due to the Triangle not being EQ'd at all (it's raw and it could have a huge impact on the guitar's range... I'll have to work on that. Thx for the heads up.) The 8bit stuff is louder indeed... but there's not supposed to be a huge disparity between the two. I'll work on that, thanks! The intro is actually related to what's next. Overworld, the sense of... we're actually playing this game, the steps going down the stairs and the Dungeon theme as in... stuff happens here. Thanks! I'm glad you like my homebrew! Metal Tendo, soon you can buy it at the corner store! The mix is one of the issues I must fix but like I said up above, it's hard to mix stuff with a pair of G35s alone. But I'll keep on trying until I actually have the perfect recipe! The guitar EQ sounds good on my end but I'll try to patch this up. I don't see anything wrong with the drums on the first part... but it might be because I have huge bias (I wrote the drums from scratch so... yeah, I'm biased.) Can you explain "Very stale" please ? Thank you, took me a while to write that solo, as simple as it may sound... it was a tough job! About expanding the track, it used to be longer but I decided to make cuts over the years... the extended version also had the GameOver theme at the end which I'm tempted to bring back but the first attempt just didn't sound so good... hence why I decided to cut it. Anyway, thanks for your output and suggestions! It's all highly appreciated!
  3. The intro could totally be removed but that would take away the context. Also, the misleading is totally intended, it's meant to be like that so... if you felt it was misleading it means I've done my job right! But why not ? Again, it sets the tone for something Epic... You're low on <3 and you're getting into the last dungeon of this forsaken game! Nothing more epic than to beat the heck out of a boss with a sliver of life left! And thank you, the solo was a pain in the ass but it's entirely worth it! There are a lot of mixing issues, I've had mixing issues since 2006 lol. I don't have access to quality speakers and I have no means to test it all... I'm stuck with an aging pair of G35s and so far, that's the best I managed to achieve. About the guitar... it sounds "OK" on my end but I'll increase the levels to see if I couldn't make it slightly more present without breaking the whole mix. Well, that can't be helped, I actually like using samples to express different moods and emotions, it's also a really cheap way to fill some voids and bridge riffs together. It's like duct tape, without it... the universe would crumble out! (or something like that!) You can always check my soundcloud... I don't post a lot on forums. Also... thank you for the feed-back, it's highly appreciated! I'm glad you liked the track, I'll have more soon!
  4. I believe that for the most part the track is solid... but I'm having issue with the melody @ 1:40... So why not ask for some feedback to see what you guys think about it! Also, what do you think about the volume of the VSTs (Drums, guitar, Pulse, Triangle, Choir.) The instruments used are: Shreddage 2 IBZ Shreddage Drums Super Audio Cart (NES Pulse 50%, GameBoy Triangle 2, SNES Choir Ah 3, GameBoy Drumkit 1) (Well, hopefully I didn't F this up and I managed to follow the rules... so I won't be obliterated by the banhammer!)
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