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  1. Thanks for giving the remix a listen, glad you liked it. As for changes, I wanted to keep this remix on the shorter side, because the original track is very short. I would maybe consider adding like 30 seconds more of material so it would end up a bit longer than two minutes, perhaps introducing another Deltarune motif into the mix.
  2. Hello there, I was looking through the Deltarune OST and came across a short track that I thought could turn into something cool if expanded upon. And so, I ended up doing some expansion. Here is the result: I would love to hear your thoughts or criticisms! (Original Track)
  3. Thank you so much for the feedback! Your advice was very useful. I went back and changed the main parts so they are in the 'front'. The mix now sounds more powerful, which is great!
  4. Hello everybody! I recently made a remix of Guzma's Battle theme from Pokémon Sun and Moon. I really liked the theme while I was playing through Moon, which inspired me to try my hand at a remix! I'm always looking for any constructive criticism, so feel free if you have anything to say. Thanks!